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Romney in Retrospect

Docnick Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 7:58 AM
Ken, what extreme right are you talking about? If you cannot separate church and state you may not get what is happening. (Try and recall Christ response to the question about church and state.) Many in the Tea Party also forgot his response.... Many voters did not forget nor was it an issue for them. Conservative's want government out of their lives. Yet they want government to make laws controlling what people do in their private lives. Does that sound confusing .... ? Romney is not a warrior. He didn't seem to know he was in a war. The warrior knew he was in a war and he won. This country has always been divided. The press talks as if this is something new. Ron

Well, it's finally over. After 18 months of intense political conflict, the American people chose to give President Obama another four years at the helm. Not surprisingly, there is a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking happening within the ranks of the GOP. Some are saying that Mr. Romney was defeated because he allowed his campaign to be hijacked by the "extreme right wing" of the party. Others feel that he didn't do enough to distinguish himself as a clear alternative to the President.

One thing that most Republicans can agree on is that Mitt Romney is a decent man who...