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Plenty of Blame to Go Around

Docnick Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 7:41 AM
Rich, your ideas underlying your article are naive. Certainly you haven't a clue about mental illness. I was practicing in California when governor Reagan basically closed the mental hospitals and turn everybody out on the streets. I loved this man but clearly he really didn't understand mental illness any better than you do. Most, including you, have no idea how little help there is out there for families with mental ill children. Most insurance won't cover and the states fear the life time cost of caring for the people. Address the underlying problems. Our nation has mentally ill people and it is their illness that kills and the guns or baseball bats or knives are do the problem. Ron

There is nothing good about the Newtown, Connecticut shootings. President Obama said what I thought my president should have said and the way I wanted my president to have said it in his remarks there last night.

I am no longer worried about my son. But my son is worried about his two little girls. They are not yet old enough for school, but sending a seven-year-old to school should not be a cause to worry all day that he or she will come home safely.

Unfortunately, the level of untimely deaths in America may lead those who are,...