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You are preaching to the choir in this article. The people you need to write to are the very people who don't read your articles and don't have a clue what it means. People on the low end economic scale thinks the check they get each money comes from government. So what do overruns have to do with them? They are the group that swings elections. They are the ones who need to understand this....
Michael, did you really not know this about the president when he first rand for this office? How did we/you imagine a man without any experience in anything could manage the country? We have gotten exactly what we deserve..... NOW November is coming. You/we can takes some steps to begin to correct our mistakes and find some leaders who have some skills, knowledge, and backbone... Time, money, and effort is what it takes.
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NSA Surveillance and the Dangers of Power

Docnick Wrote: Mar 30, 2014 9:08 AM
Obama promised to change America. He has been the most successful president we have ever seen..... He gave us hints as to what he wanted to accomplish and we rationalized what he was saying.. Then we rationalized what he was doing... Now we can't believe what he has done.... Does the shame fall on him or on us? 'The darkest place in hell is reserved for those who, in time of moral crises, takes a neutral stance.
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More Fraudulent Science From EPA

Docnick Wrote: Mar 30, 2014 9:00 AM
To question what the EPA is doing get us nowhere why not elect someone who will close the department. Along with the department of education. This department is even more destructive than EPA... While we are at it why not go down the list and get rid of most of these federal departments. ???? We can complain or find electable leaders who will end this craziness The men and women are out there.....November is coming. Put your time and money in accomplishing these goals.
Austin, I'm sure you are better at research than I am because I can't find a federal job at 10.00 bucks an hour..? The cost/benefits packages of any federal job is more than 10.00 an hour..... For me when you take something like Biden's speech and try an make sense about what he is saying you can't... The underling idea he states is wrong and intended to mislead. Every time we have raised the minimum wage we have cut the young people's jobs. The children can't get the summer or weekend jobs. No the young people don't have to raise a family BUT what they need to learn is the work ethic. They get to be 22 and don't have a clue of what work is.... They treat work like a chore mama assigns them to do. Its not about dollars per hour but knowledge about work and skills.... I don't want to labor this but all regulations in work and business hurts mostly young people and small businesses. PERIOD. This is what need to be understood.
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The Government We Deserve

Docnick Wrote: Mar 30, 2014 8:35 AM
What is sunk in yet is that TP's do not want the liberal Pups in office any more than they want the liberal Dems. We do not see this as a political game like in'Who's on first.. The GOP running Romney had nothing to do with the TPs. It is the core national group in the GOP that keeps missing the boat... If you don't have principles as a guide you end up repeating the failures of the past. There is little difference between the two national groups. Both of their goals are to stay in their positions of power. Get reelected and then get reelected again. Me have a senator running again in Mississippi who has been in office longer than many of the people reading this article. He has brought home the bacon bits at a time over the years and that is the best you can say about his performance... Good man.... Nothing bad to say about him.... Served the state as best he could. The world has changed. The country has changed. AND we need to change all the 'good - ole- boys.' Ron +
Maybe the poll numbers are changing because 1) they know more about the health programs' cost 2) they are simply overloaded by the incessant talk about the program. When someone tells you a horrible story you are shocked by it. After twenty people have told you the same story there in no longer shock but is someway an acceptance.
When transfer of wealth is repeated through the media for most it is not understood. It is the very group that don't understand the concept who's wealth is being transferred. The question might be who is the recipient of the wealth when it is transferred in this health program? BUT there is a larger group that understands the 'transfer concept' and they are silence. This group has negated its moral responsibilities.
If we starve my bet is that it will because we have overpopulated the world.... I can't remember a time when the news media wasn't reporting of starvation someplace in Africa... They overpopulate - we send food.. (for a price - which they can't repay.) We will be short of food when there are more mouths to feed then feed to put in every mouth. Ron
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Energy's Role in the Path to Peace

Docnick Wrote: Mar 27, 2014 9:58 AM
Dear Doc Ben, We do not have and we are not in a crisis regarding Russia.(period) We are in a crisis for sure.... The cause of this crisis in OUR government not the Russians. You do a disservice in implying that Crimea and what is happening there is in any way a threat to us or the cause our national problems. We are not and should not be the policeman of the world. We are not the ones who should decide hate other should or should not do. We have done that for so long and are hated for it. I have followed you with great interest. This kind of article in not what I had hope for from you. You like others in politics are trying to connect dots where they don't exist. I hope you stop this before you get relegated to section 'B' in the local news media. Ron
Why is this young woman given one inch of copy space.... ?. I might ask the same thing about her mother... Ron
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