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A Smart Conservative Position on War on Drugs

Docnick Wrote: Dec 16, 2012 10:24 AM
Does anyone think this is a problem that government can solve... IF solving means putting people in jail for using a drug. We have already tried this and failed with alcohol. We have been failing with these other drugs for more years than most can remember. Destroying mostly young people's lives. AND we just keep on doing it. .... Ron

"Mandatory sentences breed injustice," Judge Roger Vinson told the New York Times. A Ronald Reagan appointee to the federal bench in Florida, Vinson was railing against a federal system that forced him to sentence a 27-year-old single mother to prison life without parole because her dealer ex-boyfriend had stored cocaine in her house.

Note to D.C. Republicans: This would be a great time to take on the excesses of the war on drugs.

The Times was writing about conservatives, including Jeb Bush and former Watergate conspirator Chuck Colson, who advocate for smarter, more humane incarceration policies under the rubric "Right...