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Well done Colorado! Now send this self righteous "barista" back to one of his seedy drinking establishments and out of your Statehouse.
Katie is rapidly becoming one of my favorite commentators. Her comments on the Hannity panel were dead on and this story is also right on point.
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What We Learned Last Night

docmike Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 1:51 PM
Equally as repulsive, they printed a column from lefist extremist Sally Kohn who called Ryan a "liar" about her savior. She is completely delusional and to pay her as a "contributor" is an insult to judgement. Fox embarrassed themselves with their out of control "commentators" Juan and Beckle and trumped that with Kohn.
Kirsten Powers dated Anthony Wiener...knowing she was so close to Wiener makes me ill every time I see her "Wiener" smirk. Beckel is completely out of control and FOX chooses to ignore it...he needs to go and sooner rather than later...his presence makes the entire team look bad and the network unable to manage.
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