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Too Dumb to Vote in Minnesota and Michigan

DockyWocky Wrote: Sep 27, 2012 9:08 AM
It is obvious that Franken really didn't win, but relied on illegal votes. Now that is it clear that fraud was involved, why is he still in office? He really ought to be trashed.

At the Minnesota Supreme Court on July 17, the ACLU argued that Gopher State people aren’t smart enough to be allowed to vote in November on whether to approve a voter photo ID constitutional amendment.

The group, which has sued to halt anti-vote-fraud measures in several other states, didn’t actually say that Minnesotans lack the brainpower to contend with tighter voter ID standards. The ACLU argued instead that the amendment language is too vague and the ballot wording is too simple.

The upshot is that Minnesotans, like hapless minorities who the ACLU says are incapable of obtaining IDs, apparently are too...