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Hillary’s Histrionics Hide Truth

DockyWocky Wrote: Jan 28, 2013 9:40 AM
"Tap dancing around the truth..." This harridan has always had a funny relationship with the "Truth," and these sessions with the House and Senate proved to be no different. While I still maintain that this woman really should be behind bars in some federal or state institution based on her past dancings and subterfuges, and not in any position of personal honor, it appears that the standards in the liberal/progressive Democrat party have slipped even farther down the pole - example: Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama, the totally unvetted phony at the top of the caterwauling heap. Will anyone ever challenge this BOB and slap her down where she really belongs - in jail.

After four months of playing hide and seek with the American people, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton honored the Congress with her presence long enough to duck and deceive the American people regarding the worst incident of terrorism against Americans since 9/11.

Those who are fans of Mrs. Clinton must have been delighted with her tap dancing around questions addressed to her by House and Senate Committee members. Those fans consider all this as just stagecraft created by political hacks that have no right to question “his eminence” --the President -- or his esteemed Secretary of State. Yet there are many...