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Friday Fun: Ben Shapiro Destroys CNN's Piers Morgan

DockyWocky Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 10:36 AM
Why does this very British commentator have such power on American Tee-Vee? You can be damn sure that the reverse would not be possible over there in Merry Old. Methinks he was hired for his politically correctness and his adherence to the extreme liberal/progressive Democrat social agenda. In other words, Piers is a fellow traveler brought in by the opposing team as veddy-veddy proper mouthpiece for their propaganda. Maybe they don't have a equivalent liberal mouthpiece that wouldn't be ridiculed to death. Anyway, ship his heinie back where it came from. There is a terribly serious problem in England that really needs his talents a hell of a lot more than we Yankee infidel dogs do. Perhaps he's heard of it? Islamification?
WorldCop Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 10:37 AM
Don't worry - not very many people are watching. If TH didn't keep bringing these losers up - we would never hear about them.


"Don't you care about the kids being killed in Chicago as much as you care about the kids in Sandy Hook?"

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