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It must be hell living under the possibility that an islamic nut job packs a suitcase nuke into town and ruins all the good times - but, until he does, business as usual.
Obama should just tell Putin that all the lights are green all the way to the English Channel.
Pardon my French, but WTF does the IRS have to do with limiting anyone's freedom of speech in any manner?
Wouldn't it be a hoot if someone opened the door on that Camp 7 luxury detention pit and there wasn't a single live Islamic nut job in there? Of course, all this loss of American face happened since George Bush, was accelerated by the commie Obama, and has now resulted in the condition where we better not get in a spitting contest with a tiny joint like Monaco, because we don't even have the muscle to kick their ash. Has anyone given any thought to seeing if Putin would consider challenging Obama to a wrassling match for all the morbles?
More of the signature Obama "In Your Face," and "I don't really give a flying you know what what you think!"
How much longer, how many more years, are we going to have to wait to see these schmucks get what they deserve? Or, maybe they decided to just waste them, like I have been suggesting since they first stupidly acknowledged even having these turkeys as prisoners.
Question to Pelosi: "Do you think your colleagues are communists?" Pelosi: "Not all of us."
Anyone care to guess what this little Obama soiree cost the long-suffering taxpayers?
I guess "safety concerns" explains why Obama gave Crimea to Putin, too.
Oh, what the hell! Obama's gonna kiss their ashes before this goes much longer!
Grab his ash and ship him to GITMO for some quality solitary time, but deny anyone ever saw him or knows what happened to him.
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