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And the liberals are doing a damn good job of rewriting the history of the al-Obama presidency. From presenting this foreign-born SOB as legal material for the presidency, to suppressing any truth about the man that has been brought out since his famous "Kenyan boy makes good in America," self-promoted biography when he was running for office in the People's Republic of Illinois, to his signature ObamaCare farce that is designed to further bankrupt the former United States of America. However, I don't blame al-Obama. He's merely the cooperative phony front man for the real enemies of the former United States of America, the traitorous Main Stream Media. The outfits that are still running the show and presiding over the demise of our formerly awesome Constitutional republic these faceless men have hated so since they first tasted power in the anti-Vietnam War era. Are these faceless traitors impervious to exposure and the punishment they so truly deserve? First, they must be named, and that won't be too hard. Look at the big shots of the broadcast media for starters, almost to a man anti-Vietnam late-Sixties commies, then branch out to the entertainment moguls and the compliant stars who serve them and the "cause." Where things go from there is up to the public. Guerrilla war against a non-serving media isn't too far fetched. It has happened in many other subverted countries, and it could well happen here.
Let's hope the rewrite is going on because he has an incurable disease - at least beyond the one that caused his head to swell up like it has.
Actually, this is just another cheap, tawdry, ObamaCare trick to drastically cut utilization of blood transfusions in the surgical management of thousand of deserving Americans. Given the choice, thousand, no, millions of folks facing the pre-operative possibility of blood transfusion are now going to refuse the idea rather than face the possibility of acquiring a incurable disease from homosexual donors. Way to go, Johnathan Gruber!
Oh, he only "pledged" to hand $3 Billion to developing counties, NOT handed $3 Billion to developing countries. That means he can screw them out of the money, just like he screws us out of our money.
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Baghdadi: The Caliphate Has Expanded

DockyWocky Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 3:45 PM
Special threats require special treatment. Rather than wast time an effort trying to blow this SOB to smithereens as he is making a road trip to some islamic paradise, or other, how about we just go for the gusto and try to take out just about all of them
I would love to be an Apache warrior with a nice long spear at the schmuck's "last stand."
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Are New Ferguson Riots Inevitable?

DockyWocky Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 3:32 PM
Potential riots in Ferguson are to be laid directly at the feet of Eric Holder, who politicized the death of the thug Mikey Brown and is totally responsible for any violence that takes place upon release of the grand jury decision. The rest of the rioters will be the same folks who came to Ferguson as a Summer's End entertainment special. It was "Kool" to be there and to threaten the police and local citizenry. How to handle the potential property damage and deaths or injuries sustained by either the law, or the SOBs who are planning to have fun at the riots is a question that will only be answered when and if the rioting commences. Mikey Brown, hisself, would be guaranteed to be taking part in the mayhem, were he still around to take part. There are hundreds of Mikey Brown-types hoping for a non-indictment of officer Wilson. Given that eventuality, they will all be out there rioting for Mikey. Mikey, for his part, will continue to slowly rot underground and will, unfortunately, not be able to participate. Remember, Ferguson law enforcers. All the rioters you kill or maim once the fun starts, will not be there to endanger you when it continues as the weather improves in the Spring.
The book Gruber's holding should be entitled: "Health Care Reform For Dummies."
Apparently, it doesn't matter what federal judge, or pack of federal judges rules against this DC controlling cartel, they are still going to defy the law no matter what. How about a federal raid to clean out this nest of liberal vipers and slap them behind bars?
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Sharyl Attkisson Vs. Cynical Liberals

DockyWocky Wrote: Nov 12, 2014 8:45 AM
Gee. It only took her 20 plus years to figure out she was just another pawn of the liberal Democrat propaganda machine? I would postulate she ain't really that bright.
Wasn't al-Obama cute in his matching silk iridescent Mao-style coat with the so-called Chinese leader? I wonder what else he was selling besides our national security secrets?
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