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Let's hope the security forces have lots of ammo. Every one they put out of action, permanently, now means one less to deal with next time.
Well, that's 3 or 4 voices crying out into the wilderness of media bias against Israel.
This is rapidly becoming a contest between those who can easily recognize war crimes being committed actively in real time, and those who can't, and/or won't see a war crime because of self-imposed institutional blindness. That's it. It is turning into a battle between good and evil. Nothing in between allowed. Face it. Islam has absolutely no moral underpinnings. Callousness is the operational principle from A -to -Z. Whatever feels good is fine with the boorish authorities and common adherents, 99-44/100 percent of whom are of the male persuasion - no opinions, one way or the other, are currently available from those of the female persuasion. There doesn't seem to be any avenue for them to opine on anything, because this is a human characteristic that appears to have been bred out of the XX genome by 1400 years of vicious repression. Sympathy belongs to the ones who deserve it, and the deserving living in in Gaza are miniscule. Remember, they actually voted their devils into power.
This boy didn't plagiarize nothing. The person who wrote his thesis for him did the plagiarizing.
They've been here before, so maybe this time they are making the smart choice.
All the left has left inn the face of what's happening on the Southern Border is lies and distortion of the truth. All the left is interested in is packing Democrat voter registration with illegal aliens. How the illegals actually would vote is moot, because their votes would be cast for them. It is getting very close to "Death to Democrats."
Concerning this article, I have grave reservations about any photograph wherein the authorities in the background are wearing full face masks. If they are US border patrol, or Mexican, Central American, or whatever, why are the covering their faces? The criminal in the foreground is immaterial, he's already nothing but prison bound wherever he lites...a truly worthless piece of human detritus.
Kerry is the current lead salesman of the al-Obama doctrine on how to best assist the eventual islamic take-over of Israel.
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10 Things to Know for Tuesday

DockyWocky Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 3:02 PM
Gazonians love their Hamas. Gazonians admire their Hamas. Gazonians love to die for their Hamas. Never a peep of protest against Hamas, so they must enjoy all the tribulation brought down on their heads by their Hamas.
A little counter battery fire could do wonders to stop the cartel thugs from taking pot shots at our folks. But, do you believe that our president would ever authorize such a thing?
Yeah! Changing his fund raisin schedule might scare off the less than enthused..
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