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Taking ObamaCare for another spin I see. How long before someone realize he's been there before, and that a pathologic self-promoter like Barack just cannot bring himself to consider that failures of his magnitude really demand seppuku to atone.
If the doctor is really that incensed, she could consider switching parties - like to the American Communist party, or the American Nazi party.
As they say: There ain't no tism like nepotism... How many more times do the American people have to support the lords and their hereditary heirs before they really get angry enough to kick 'em all out?
""Dear Ukraine citizens of Jewish nationality," and states that all people of Jewish descent over 16 years old must report to the Commissioner for Nationalities in the Donetsk Regional Administration building and "register." Watch how Obama reacts to this, if it ever actually gets to him. He will take out his belt's accessory paint pot and brush, and feigning great anger for the assembled cameras, slash another red line across the floor of the Oval Office, once, as usual, he determines that adequate media coverage is present, that is. Thus, he depends on his Propaganda Ministry to provide the fawning media, and record his legacy items for posterity. Meanwhile, Putin continues to push his new anti-Semitic agenda onto Ukraine by proxy.
Everyone knows that none of this IRS bull feathers would have ever taken place without the idea coming directly out of Barack Hussein Mohammed Obamas evil Marxist cabeza. IRS, Benghazi, Crimea, vote fraud, it is all coming out of the font of all that is wrong with the US of A, the Oval Office.
While McCain says "strong, tough American leadership" is required to shape the West's response to Russia's actions in the Ukraine crisis," he knows that there ain't gonna be any such leadership as long as Obama sits in the catbird seat.
With government's intrusion into just about everything these days, why is it incumbent on taxpaying citizens to waste their time fretting and filling out Tax Forms? They already know what we are bringing in almost to the penny, deductions are far and few and there is damn little that can be hidden from their spying eyes. Just send us a bill and be done with it.
Funny how anything Biden says just reminds me of what Donald Trump said about politicians the other day.
In times of war, blowing the you-know-what out of enemy propaganda facilities is considered to be a good thing and a smart thing. Many conservatives believe that we are actually in a state of war with the anti-Constitutional left-wing liberal/progressive/Marxist totalitarian establishment currently controlling our former government, but the situation has so-far failed to generate an active response to the propaganda organs enabling this administration. Why?
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What the Left Did Last Week

DockyWocky Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 10:05 AM
When is someone going to declare that CAIR is a subversive mouthpiece of a foreign enemy? Oh, I am sorry. I forgot that Obama is on CAIR's mailing list.
I guess the main reason the "White House" (Obama) rejects requests to meet with him from the survivors of Fort Hood massacres is that - even with the overwhelming security protecting and guaranteeing that nobody gets near him with a weapon or a bomb - there remains the potential that a survivor would get his hands around the schmuck's neck and strangle him before the Praetorian Guard has a chance to react. Can' be too careful, now, can we?
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