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It is high time that the U.S. military goes ahead with a new generation of firing squad executions for crimes such as Bergie's desertion and aiding the enemy. This is one SOB that needs to get the maximum penalty, and his former platoon mates ought to be the ones that get to do it.
You would think that the al-Obama administration would be smarter than to send a dufus like Cummings to delay and distract the Benghazi investigation. He isn't even clever about it, but operates just like a ignorant thug. But, I guess nobody ever said the al-Obama administration was run by geniuses. Regardless, Cummings is doing a bang up job of delaying and obfuscating the investigation, so I suspect even Goudy has been "approached."
al-Obama and his boys are sooo PO's at Netanyahu that he has send a team of his finest dirty political operatives into Israel to advise Netanyahu's opposition candidates how to "FIX" the coming election so that Netanyahu loses. Sort of like they stole the 2012 election of al-Obama. And we wonder what side our president is on?
Feinstein would call for more troops - its a never ending Democrat thing. However, why not use up some of our supposed enhanced radiation bombs set off at recommended altitude? Supposedly cleans out everything but the cockroaches and leaves the infrastructure, if you can call it that, undamaged and ready to move in for the millions of returnees that will soon be returning from Western lands.
Whenever you read that "Obama is deeply concerned" about anything, any place, or anyone, kiss them goodbye.
Under al-Obama Iran Is Winning In the ongoing chess game between the Iranian ayatollahs and the American(?) stable boy, it is looking more and more like the ayatollahs are definitely winning. Is this because they are better chess players? Is our illustrious stable boy is just out of his league when the game is international chess, or international affairs? Or, could it be that our stable boy just secretly wants the ayatollahs to grab all the marbles? An Iran with nuclear weapons – even ones that the Iranians might have to truck into Israel and set off, remains the main topic of international intrigue in some circles. Obviously, the image of an Iranian truck nuke has to remain high on the list of possibilities for the Israelis, while a boat-borne nuke must remain high on the list for the Saudis and Emirates. While potential possibilities like truck and boat nukes must not be taken lightly, especially by the folks nearest the potential and obviously suicidal touch-off sites, the phony wringing of hands adopted by our Feckless Leader hasn’t had any effect on his socialist dictator image here at home where he still rules by decree, and seems capable of continuing that approach for the last year and a half of his term. Lucky us. Obama’s former strong American ally, Yemen appears to have fallen under the sway of radical Islamic groups that continue the standard Islamic tradition of beastly attacks and religious atrocities on anyone that looks at them wrong in Iraq and Syria. ISIS continues to spread in Syria and word in the street there is that ISIS is actually started the building of the biggest mosque and highest Islamic yelling towers in all of islamdom in the former Syrian city now capital city of their caliphate. Al Obama has finally lost Yemen, and is well on the way to losing Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, most of Eastern Minnesota, Dearborn, Michigan, and large portions of New York City. Talk is that he has done more to enable the spread of islam than even Mohammed. What has al-Obama done to thwart ISIS, or al-Queda, or any of the unpronounceable Arabic titled terror organizations allied against him – and by extension, us? The word is a modern super-negative - ZILCH!
Again with the executive action. This turkey sure doesn't believe in the legislative branch, does he? Maybe Congress can wipe that smug smile off his mug and shove those pens and telephones up where the sun don't shine. But, for some reason I have no confidence that Congress can do anything, any more.
We've had so many "attacks" on the United States that have gone unanswered that an attack on the big cheese would refreshing. Maybe he'd do something then against the "usual attacker," which would also be refreshing - even though it might make the religion of peace's boys a bit biased against the big cheese, personally.
Boy! They make everything into a big over at that White House. Found a drone inside the fence, eh? Maybe it was just a new fangled Peeping Tom event.
While Japanese bluster is about as effective against islamic terror as al-Obama bluster, I think the Japanese have one ace in the hole they can use against ISIS - Ninja's. Just wait until these ISIS big shots and terrorists start turning up dead in their sleeping bags in the morning - and nobody heard or saw a thing. That ought to strike some terror in the terrorist's black hearts.
Between al-Obama's mouthpiece, Kerry, and the Nigerian candidates for the top job in Nigeria, namely current fearless leader President Goodluck Jonathan, and former military dictator Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigerian people seem they are about to be screwed. I think there is about as much worth salvaging in Nigeria as in any of the other lands al-Obama has decided must be rendered unto Allah. That is, not much. If the big shots would just stop couching all this in brave language, it would go much smoother, and Boko Haram might stop killing so many innocent folks as they spread the message of the religion of peace.
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