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I don't know about Obama, but a video clip I saw this morning about the so-called US bombing of ISIS/ISIL radicals somewhere in the former Iraq was anything but a success. Maybe Obama has authorized bombing these rats, but he apparently wanted our military to use puffball bombs - you know the kind that make a huge flash and boom, but don't contain anything that is remotely lethal to Obama's islamic pals. Let me continue. A bomb strikes what appears to be a truck. After the flash and blossoming smoke, it appears that dozens of the ISIL boys ares seen bailing out and running away from the site of the explosion, scattering away like flies from a spritz of bug killer. So what was the effect of the bombing? Looks like absolute ZERO to me. If that many of the ISIL insect were able to flee the scene, obviously, the bombing was all show and no blow. Is this going to be the way that Generalissimo al-Obama waxes his fellow moslems? If so, then forget it and let's just occupy our time more productively building bunkers and pillboxes all over America. We're going to need them when the Islamic State manages to subdue their home sandbox and starts heading over here to deal with the Great Satan.
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Leading From Behind -- Way Behind

DockyWocky Wrote: Aug 10, 2014 11:49 AM
Leading from behind is a communist political officer thing. Charging the enemy with a guy behind you who will shoot you if he thinks you are wavering was their invention. It is a form of "pushing," and all the medals usually went to the pushers.
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Time for a Rethink

DockyWocky Wrote: Aug 10, 2014 11:23 AM
Were I a powerful Republican, the first thing I would do is push Reince Priebus out to pasture and appoint someone with a real name - like Steve, or Charlie in his place. Reince sounds like some kind of illegal alien, and how he managed to worm his way into the top of GOP management is still a mystery.
Moonbeamus Maximus embroiled in a spat between engineers and politicians? Surely, no safety malcontents are ignored by the powers that be in the land of fruits and more fruits with Erector Sets. "The peoples, they must be protected, Si?"
Why can't anyone come out with a simple statement that Obama is BAD for the US of A, has absolutely no intention of ever being GOOD for the US of A, and that as long as he is in the driver's seat, things are only going get worse for the US of A?
Jesus! He loves to blow his own horn, doesn't he? So, he's off to socialize where the Eastern elite meet to eat on Martha's Vineyard, and where the poor devils, I'm referring to our poor devils, the military folks he sent to Kurdish territory to teach targeting, are now on their own until the Chief Moslem gets back to the job. Snobbishness abounds, but I am sure the Secret Service vetted all of them and made sure no conservatives would darken the island.
Well, if you were really nothing more than a professional fence-sitter, and you had bluffed your way throughout your entire adult life - with the help, of course, of a cadre of secretive Middle-Eastern and Communist financiers and string-pullers, and you were raised as a moslem and really only pretend to have Christian leanings for public consumption, why would you risk your hide going out on a limb by killing your fellow moslem savages in the bulk quantities necessary to make an impression on them? I can read your little mind from here. It is saying: "STALL," or another pile of fence sitting tactic you do so well.
Looks like old "Too Little - Too Late" Obama has his perfect bureaucratic excuse in effect: "Kurds beg for weaponry, Pentagon says they can only sell arms to Baghdad," which is typical Obama administration. I wonder why "Executive Order Boy" can't issue one? Maybe after his Martha's Vineyard vacation, EH??
When he read that ..."hundreds of Yazidi women below the age of 35 are being held in schools in Iraq's second largest city, Mosul", al-Obama said he is happy that these Yazidi women are getting a chance for an education. Too little. Too late.
After over a thousand years of self-inflicted propaganda, islamists cannot help but violate any kind of agreement that doesn't advocate violence, or threats of violence, against anyone that has been spared their genetically defective program of self-aggrandizement in the name of their non-existent desert god. In other words, they all have too much of themselves committed to this evil stupidity and that makes the triply dangerous as they would rather die and take us with them before they can admit they've been had by a psychotic sand pirate. Want to know what the attraction is? Its sanctioned criminal behavior. The only surviving Stone Age religion that still has that going.
Well, one thing we definitely learned about Obama over the course of his con-job: He's a bull shatter of Olympic proportion and anyone who trusts him any further than they can toss him is always in trouble. Now the scene shifts to the unfortunate Iraqi minorities that the savages from islam are planning on slaking their bloodlust on in the next few days or so. Does anyone actually believe that Obama is going to help them? The Kurds were screwed by Bush, Bush, and Obama. Do they actually think that Obama is going to help them? Doubtful.
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