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Will Justice Do Justice in Ferguson?

DockyWocky Wrote: Sep 09, 2014 8:57 AM
"Justice" will be absolutely on the back burner when it comes to Ferguson, and Mikey Brown. Political Correctness will dominate any process - it can't be helped anymore. We've allowed it to come to this by not stamping it out when we had the chance,
I think it is sooo cute the way that these folks always qualify Allah with the (God) in parentheses.
Heavens! How about just adopting the islamic attitude that killing them all and allowing Allah/Moon-boy to sort them out is the best attitude when it comes to killing ISIS. al-Obama just can't go wrong when he looks at it this way. And it is long passed the time when he should have started
The organization will pop out another "al-Shabab" leader before the paint dries on the puzzle box where they are reassembling the first one's pieces. Whacking them, individually, is highly inefficient, but al-Obama simply cannot bring himself to authorize more efficient methods. They're relatives, you know.
Looks like an internal squabble between Iranians and the Dubiaonians. al-Obama, if, and when, he gets the news, will be issuing blood curdling threats by mid-afternoon DC time, or as soon as he gets back from the links, or a vacation, depending on which occurs first.
Gee. That's really an unusual comment by a Hamas terrorist leader. Israel should have emptied Gaza of all Gazonians by barging them out to sea, then sinking the barges as soon as they were out of the sight of land. Of course, that is only one way of ending the Gaza nightmare, but it would have been a start.
Imagine the frustration these women must feel because they hitched their ashes to the al-Obama wagon and they just are not allowed to speak the truth.
Well, it looks like we are going to be facing a war with islamic terror without a strong leader. The incompetent bozo we have in the driver's seat is more concerned with his image in the islamic world than defeating their ashes or saving our's. This actually portends Biblical-level stuff, and points out that we are probably screwed - unless we, as a society, abandon the crude, godless culture we find ourselves in, and adopt a more balanced approach.
so, "State Department Deputy Spokeswoman Jen Psaki would not confirm if passports belonging to Americans confirmed to be fighting with ISIS/ISIL in the Middle East have been revoked." Obviously, the al-Obama administration will not answer that question, because it could lose the Democrats the coming election if their constituents have to worry that their kids might lose their passports as well as welfare payments.
What should concern you more is that there are probably MORE / LOTS of these islamic types working at the Minneapolis airport, and most of the large and medium sized airports around the nation.
With the current leadership in the White House, I can imagine that troops sent to Baghdad duty do so with a bit of trepidation. Caught between Iraqi treachery, ISIS, and potential White House treachery isn't a great place to be,
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