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Why refer to the attorney's comments and still use the terms, "workplace violence," and "murderer?" It should have been "terrorist" all around. And doubting whether Hassan will actually be executed leaves me wondering who will have the cajones to ever change that sentence. al-Obama certainly has the best interests of Hassan at heart - just like he has the best interests of anything islamic at heart.
Just wait until them Blue State public hospitals get a chance to weigh-in on the spread of Ebala to their patients and staffs.
Of course al-Obama will stay in Washington, DC for the home stretch. You can't possibly expect to see him personally stuffing ballot boxes across the land, can you?
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Umm: Where is Kim Jong Un?

DockyWocky Wrote: Oct 11, 2014 11:37 AM
A friend of mine said he swore that he saw Kim Jong Un in line at Disneyworld...minus the shaved head sidewalls.
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Don't Scare Us, Prepare Us

DockyWocky Wrote: Oct 10, 2014 10:51 AM
Lo, and behold! Our bogus, but nevertheless fearless leader is totally prepared to sacrifice tons of us to the false god of islam and his wacky warriors. Before al-Obama would condescend to see Americans individually armed and trained to repulse the legions of jihadis already here, and those he knows will be coming, his already suspect vision will reign supreme. At least until the S H I T hits the fan. "Me and my Obama State Homeland Security will assume all responsibility for the safety of you Yankee infidel dogs...and don't forget it!!" "You're all lucky you has me as your leader...mmm...I is a genius..mmm...and don't forget it!"
Bubba and Boobah are going to claim "statutes of limitations" passes on disclosure of their obvious criminal activities while camped out in the White House, but like civil actions, the action of discovery ought to take place with the release of the papers.
I see others have already stated opinions about the slavishness of Hollywood actresses to the Obama scam. Brainwashed.
But, for some unknown reason, he's avoiding contact with African-African millionaires like Thomas Duncan, who just came to the US of A to make a donation to Obama causes, and apparently caught Ebola from some traveling GOPher..
I don't know about the French Revolution being our new role model, but you have to admit, the image of certain administration personages riding down Pennsylvania Avenue on the way to Guillotine Square in an old fashioned oxcart has a certain appeal.
Like ObamaCare: "If You Repeat An Unbelievable Assertion Often Enough, They're Going To Believe Your Unbelievable Assertion." Comes the Revolution, these people should all get rides in rented oxcarts to Guilloitne Square where they can perform their proper ablutions before being fixed on the feed table - face up, or face down, depending on the long-term effect of their lies.
No disrespect intended, but who pays Mr. Duncan's hospital bill? Would it be Nigerian Blue Cross, or the Nigerian government? Is he going to be cremated, shipped back to Nigeria for burial or disposal, or buried or cremated there in Dallas?
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