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"Islamic fundamentalism, which in contrast to true Islam, is known for its characteristic religious dictatorship, misogyny, religious discrimination, inhumane punishments, and unimaginable deception, was born with the mullahs' regime in Iran in 1979..." All those characteristics are those of plain old ordinary islam, which was militarily subjugated by technologically superior British power as Britain expanded its empire. It has been licking its wounds and planning a resurgence ever since, and this is it.
Anyone recognize the old tale of the wolves and the sheep deciding what's on the menu? I believe Israel ought to seriously consider simultaneous attacks on the UN as well as the Iranians.
I feel so safe and happy with president al-Obama looking out for my safety and security/\ Only a true international relations genius like al-Obama would see that 2 Cuban prisoners were released, while keeping entirely secret what else he gave the Cubans for the exchange, besides the Cuban spy ring, that is. That, plus his secret memo establishing another source of funding for the money starved Obama government ought to go a long way towards making sure everyone has a Happy Holiday courtesy of Premier al-Obama.
WRONG: "It took several hours to suppress the intruders, but in the end, Pakistani military personnel finally sent these barbarians to their maker." RIGHT: It took several hours to suppress the savages, but in the end, Pakistani military personnel finally sent these barbarians to Hell and their maker. OBAMA: "It took several hours, but in the end, Pakistani military personnel finally sent their objecting brethren to somewhere that is all milk and honey."
Al-Libi was nabbed in Tripoli in October 2013 and brought to the United States to face trial in the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa that killed 224 people. He has pleaded not guilty in the attacks, which killed a dozen Americans. Why, in the name of God, are we wasting resources on a trial? He could be doing the human race a favor by making bacon. Tie him up, take him out to a pig farm, toss him in pig wallow and loosen the piggies. If he's still all there in 3 o4b 4 days, he must be innocent.
Good example of why it doesn't pay to try to figure out what al-Obama might do with technology like this. Chances are, he's already handed the stuff to his Chinese pals and they will be sure to pass it on to al-Obama's religion of peace pals. Trusting you're ahead of this SOB is a sure way to be disappointed.
The best part of all of this primitive savagery is how it exposes the shear hypocrisy of the Pakistan government and its politicians. They will be lending their secretive support to just about everything the Taliban does before the dust settles over this event. You cannot beat the religion of peace for total hypocrisy. It has no equal.
In many of the world's countries, deceit and criminality such as that exposed every day about the Obama administration would have tanks at every corner of the DC area with the Big Cheese wondering if he could even trust his troops to protect him.
I used to think there were some limits that would never be pushed, but the shear insanity of this movie producer creep actually making a movie about this perverted mass murderer is really the lowest of the low. No amount of do-gooder intention is ever going to balance out the evil of this perverse Doctor Death, and if it succeeds in pleasing even one tad of defective protoplasm upon its release, it has done irreparable harm. What is the saving grace about Kermit that simply MUST be publicized?
I, for one, am NOT ready for Romney, a Romney brat, or Hillary, or a Hillary brat for all that matters. Time to move over and open the field to new blood. These tired old patrician families and their patrician offspring don't have any answers to to the problems of today, and never will as they are all pre-programmed mini-me's that the establishments wind up, set on the stage, and watch 'em go like automatons. God help us, there just has to be new blood out there , somewhere.
Maybe more barbarous acts like this, multiplied by a factor of X, might just convince a tiny number of moslems that there is something awfully wrong with their religion of peace and that the only way it is going to improve is to kill off all the zealots as fast as they pop up.
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