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Hm. Maybe the reason our anti-terrorism program is so vapid is that there are terrorists of another sort in our own government offices charged with fighting terrorism. But, he's a good Democrat, and makes me wonder just how many more just like him are collecting big salaries doing exactly what this Rosen character does day in and say out? But not to worry! Whacky Psaki says that, "his security clearance has been suspended..." not that he has been terminated - perverts are accepted,, apparently, in all government branches. This one goes directly to al-Obama, but watch the cover-up commence.
Why are ISIS recruiters so successful? Well, for starters, there are more of them in the West than anyone suspects. Secondly, they are selling a more attractive package than any military recruiter can come up with. Where else can you go off to have fun like killing lots of basically unarmed people, raping lots of women, and all you have to do is quit smoking. That has been the package islam has been selling ever since the mad man Mohammed invented it.
Gee. Makes you wonder is the islamic terrorists ever have PTSD - which I seriously doubt.
Biggest mistake the defense made was cleaning this bum up. They should have left him with the beard and wild hair.
Fitting. Emanuel vs. Jesus...
With the cloud of shady dealing coming out about Lynch, it would only serve to encourage al-Obama in his quest to turn the United States into either the world's largest banana republic or the world's newest islamic paradise. If Eric Holder was any example of what an Attorney General does, we really have no need for another one.
Anyone starting to think that the entire al-Obama administration is nothing but a pack of lying phonies? Anyone think it is time to cut the head of the snake off before it poisons the entire nation? We have already tolerated the most corrupt and opaque administration since records were kept and it is about time that someone, somewhere, begins action to remove this creep - especially since radical islam's Representative Keith Ellison says that al-Obama is "one of the best president our country will ever have seen." Maybe they can take him out with the al-Obama trash, too.
"Falling Deficit!" Now, there's a bureaucratic creation that almost defies sanity. How far does it have to "fall" before it becomes truth?
I guess we now know the reason for the huge Somali population in Minnesota - and if only a small percentage of them are on assigned jihad, it doesn't bode well for Minnesota, or the malls everywhere Somali inva...(er!) immigrants exist. Wait until the next wave of Syrians hits our shores. Of course, we can all rest assured that our illustrious governmental alphabet agencies are on top of this and that years of studied disarming the American public is bound to have eliminated the advanced weaponry that el-Shabab terrorists might have been counting on when they do pull off their promised attacks on American malls. Pshaw! They will have to go in against highly trained mall cops with much more advanced weaponry, and any shoot outs will be won by the mall cops and their backups in the community at large. They will make mincemeat of any al-Shebab terrorists silly enough to try to embarrass America, that's for damn sure.
How would the Romans have treated them Carthaginians?
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A Failure to Confront Evil

DockyWocky Wrote: Feb 20, 2015 9:02 AM
"Neville" al-Obama is a classic example of a affected cohort of radicalized islam. Hit with an unending list of terror committed in islam's name, Neville still defends the schmucks like a cheap lawyer defending the indefensible. (Oh! Wait! He is a cheap lawyer defending the indefensible!)
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