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Race hustlers always have strong opinions on Black/White relations. Unfortunately, these opinions are always self-serving, because an out-of-work race hustler can starve to death.
al-Obama NEEDS to pay for his immigration amnesty program on a gibbet getting his neck stretched.
The powers that be are going to protect the big shots who are fundamentally, nothing but criminals who control the justice system. Sweet deal, if you can pull it off, and this bum, Obama, has done just that, and his cohorts, starting with Holder are all criminals, in situ. The Obama administration has been a conspiracy against America all along, is a conspiracy today and meets every definition of a conspiracy.
Not through a political lens, but through a political plate glass window. Disgraceful attempts to mislead people of this character should be met with political baseball bats and political clubs. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest must get the Paul Goebbels Award for 2014, and he even looks like a Nazi.
The only parts of a mud hut that will burn is the timbers holding up the roof, so don't look for much satisfaction. Fortunately, only enhanced radiation weapons are going to be on the table this time around as these will be the only things that get them in their holes
At least when Hagel has had enough and replaces Obama's wimpy finger on the trigger, something will get done
Overheard by College Board Detractor: "The College Board and other liberal detractors of United States history are well on their way to completely rewriting America's history, because nobody has the cajones to fight them in the only way they will get the message, and that is violently. Having been left to their liberal, politically correct workings for years without any serious threat to their individual skins, it is high time that the objections to their subversion begins to ruffle their feathers and draw some blood The same spirit of independence that enabled our ancestors to plink away at the oppressive Red Coats simple has to be employed against these so-called intellectuals that are busily rewriting our nation's history for their own malevolent ends." You know, I find myself in agreement with what he said.
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Should The U.S. Declare War On ISIS?

DockyWocky Wrote: Aug 23, 2014 10:34 AM
"Should," for sure. Would - very, very, doubtful One of the niceties denied the US of A by a islam-loving ruling administration afraid to antagonize world islam.
Why would any conservative Senator even bother to show up in the building? The liberal Democrat tyrant, Harry Reid, has paralyzed the Senate to where nothing gets done and it doesn't matter whether Senators show up or not.
I don;t know about you, but I don't think it is a good idea to bury this schmuck in a storm sewer like the picture shows. what if they get a sudden downpour and he plugs up the system?
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