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How anyone could just hand over thousands of re-sellable arms to the tender mercies of the congenitally crooked Afghans is a question that obviously doesn't bother the powers that be, Of course, that they will be used against us eventually escapes the folks who are responsible and proves that there should be a summary death sentence for misfeasance of this kind.
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Israel Supporters: Beware of Hillary

DockyWocky Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 10:43 AM
Hillary could put on a polka-dot burhka and swear allegiance to Allah for all time and she would still remain Hillary, the Carpetbagger from Arkysaw. She and Bubba should be in prison,not spreading corruption around the country.
Looketh like our lying leader is more bluff and bluster than a fearlsome schmuck. Trade only goes up when the national leader looks the other way.
Just another example of liberal/progressive political correctness in action. Kids all get sports trophies just for being there, and no such thing as bad grades, so why not just expand the idea to illegal immigrants? So, instead of the challenges of a risky and long overground passage across deserts and unfriendly territories like Mexico, why don't we just send airliners to pick them up by the thousands and bring them here fat and happy? There just has to be a special region of Hell for these idiots, Anyone have any doubts where Obama is leading us?
Let's hope the security forces have lots of ammo. Every one they put out of action, permanently, now means one less to deal with next time.
Well, that's 3 or 4 voices crying out into the wilderness of media bias against Israel.
This is rapidly becoming a contest between those who can easily recognize war crimes being committed actively in real time, and those who can't, and/or won't see a war crime because of self-imposed institutional blindness. That's it. It is turning into a battle between good and evil. Nothing in between allowed. Face it. Islam has absolutely no moral underpinnings. Callousness is the operational principle from A -to -Z. Whatever feels good is fine with the boorish authorities and common adherents, 99-44/100 percent of whom are of the male persuasion - no opinions, one way or the other, are currently available from those of the female persuasion. There doesn't seem to be any avenue for them to opine on anything, because this is a human characteristic that appears to have been bred out of the XX genome by 1400 years of vicious repression. Sympathy belongs to the ones who deserve it, and the deserving living in in Gaza are miniscule. Remember, they actually voted their devils into power.
This boy didn't plagiarize nothing. The person who wrote his thesis for him did the plagiarizing.
They've been here before, so maybe this time they are making the smart choice.
All the left has left inn the face of what's happening on the Southern Border is lies and distortion of the truth. All the left is interested in is packing Democrat voter registration with illegal aliens. How the illegals actually would vote is moot, because their votes would be cast for them. It is getting very close to "Death to Democrats."
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