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Lawyer Calhoun had Obama protect his wife, because he might get his ash sued and she wants no part of his liability.
Stomeecha! A real privilege. Finally, someone who knows Lawyer Calhoun. Another Harvard Law graduate. They train the best criminals there.
"White House Lied." "Obama Lied." This is such a regular news item that all I can say is: SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW?
"Executive privilege and deliberative process exemptions" are just Lawyer Calhoun's tactics for thumbing of the nose at the American people by a bunch of Harvard Law criminals.
When are we going to be treated to the threatened civil disobedience promised if there isn't mob justice?
Apparently, Canadians are so up-tight about guns that even the soldiers at their Soldier's Memorial are not permitted to be armed...Which sort of makes them easy targets for "insurgents" of any breed that mighty want to do them harm. I am not even sure, anymore, whether Unknown Soldier's Tomb Guards at Arlington are actually allowed to carry live ammo?
Who cares if "Canada PM Harper has left shooting area safely!" I always maintain that is is much cheaper in the long run to just replace dead or damaged politicians than to keep them in the style to which they have become accustomed. Get the miscreant. Dead or alive - preferably dead.
Every time I see his lying mug on Tee-Vee, have to change the channel/ al-Obama is less popular than Squidward, and that takes a lot of unpopularity.
Matthews is the blondest radicalized black man on Tee-Vee.
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The Biggest Scandal In U.S. History

DockyWocky Wrote: Oct 21, 2014 11:29 AM
"Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said: "It is unacceptable to have 90 percent of the guns that are picked up in Mexico and used to shoot judges, police officers and mayors ... come from the United States." Yeah, dumb one. Mexico has such a huge gun manufacturing industry. I bet outside of the United States guns, there are a lot from Europe and Israel, too.
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