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Can Israel Survive?

DockyWocky Wrote: Jan 29, 2015 4:29 PM
After witnessing al-Obama's islamic tactic of dissing Netanyahu and, by extension, Israel itself, I can only hope that if things go from today's bad, to tomorrow's worse, that the Izzies take serious revenge on the liberal dreamboat that has turned this nation into a shadow of it's former self. Interminable - the year and a half until Obama hits the road.
Let's get serious here. For the past 6-1/2 years al-Obama and his DOJ hack, Eric Holder have had their way with the Constitution and laws in general. It is time to put a plug in al-Obama's mouth and start phasing the SOB out of the picture. Handing him a new Attorney General of his liking is tantamount to kissing his heinie - and I am sure there isn't a Republican that would do that - at least in public view. Nothing against Lynch, she was probably a decent federal prosecutor, but handing her the AG spot is capitulation to the enemy. What we really need in the Attorney General's office is a minimally competent federal lawyer that is on the retirement track and one who won't rock any boats - except maybe prosecuting Holder for lying and obfuscating all truth when it comes to his and a-Obama's dealings.
Gee. Imagine, the folk that probably put al-Obama where he is today couldn't stand the sight of him - which explains why Obama ain't working in Saudi Arabia as a oil mechanic, but wrecking the US of A.
Its just another of the Clinton family's means of avoiding anything that might embarrass the Queen. She can pretend she's a candidate all she wants, but her criminal past will eventually make it through the compromised and corrupt MSM protection. And speaking of the corrupt MSM, what is it about these Democrats that deserves such blatant corruption in the media? Do they pay extremely well? Are the boys and girls of the MSM all yucky criminal supporters, or is it an international thing where they get their orders from some boss sheihk?
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The Persians Are Coming!

DockyWocky Wrote: Jan 27, 2015 1:34 PM
"Israel has 100-300 atom bombs. America has thousands. Iran's Muslim neighbor Pakistan has scores. And Iran? She has no bomb..." I would only remind everyone that throughout the Manhattan Project, the USA had no bomb except at the end. They kept most of that secret, too. Iran is probably better at keeping what they have, or have not, secret than the US ever was.
Of course Hillary was on board with the terrorist swap. She couldn't say "NO" to anything her feckless leader said. However, I believe Hillary would willingly do anything, or say anything to change that at this late date as she is now in the running for Fuhrer-ette. You think al-Obama is bad? Wait until the Dauntless Duo is back on the federal teat.
It is high time that the U.S. military goes ahead with a new generation of firing squad executions for crimes such as Bergie's desertion and aiding the enemy. This is one SOB that needs to get the maximum penalty, and his former platoon mates ought to be the ones that get to do it.
You would think that the al-Obama administration would be smarter than to send a dufus like Cummings to delay and distract the Benghazi investigation. He isn't even clever about it, but operates just like a ignorant thug. But, I guess nobody ever said the al-Obama administration was run by geniuses. Regardless, Cummings is doing a bang up job of delaying and obfuscating the investigation, so I suspect even Goudy has been "approached."
al-Obama and his boys are sooo PO's at Netanyahu that he has send a team of his finest dirty political operatives into Israel to advise Netanyahu's opposition candidates how to "FIX" the coming election so that Netanyahu loses. Sort of like they stole the 2012 election of al-Obama. And we wonder what side our president is on?
Feinstein would call for more troops - its a never ending Democrat thing. However, why not use up some of our supposed enhanced radiation bombs set off at recommended altitude? Supposedly cleans out everything but the cockroaches and leaves the infrastructure, if you can call it that, undamaged and ready to move in for the millions of returnees that will soon be returning from Western lands.
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