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Obama's going to get us into a big shooting war in Asia.
I wonder it this genius ever heard of "ITS TOO LATE!"
Well, that's one way of making sure they pay up. Why can't they do that for the suffering public? Guy owes them $15,000, so they give him a government grant or the $15K, but keep it.
"All four counties voted heavily for President Obama in the 2012 election." Which is the reason they will whine and cry and do anything to prevent anyone from cleaning up this obvious voter fraud. Heads literally need to roll over stuff like this.
I would still like to know who, how, and why this idol worshipping monstrosity of a East Wing got started. Or is it simply just a toy for the so-called First Lady to keep her off the streets?
I wonder if the people that use these drones to strike islamic terrorists have ever seriously considered using them to strike the ACLU? I don't think there would be too much of an outcry if they did.
Primarily, Oaths of Office are merely so much verbiage. If they are unenforceable, what's the sense of even having them. Obama should have been removed from office by the end of Inauguration Day.
Easy come, easy go. This is one retired black robed tyrant that we are lucky is unable to have any effect on the Constitution, anymore. Maybe Stevens needs to have his Circadian Rhythms adjusted where he can sleep most of the day and not bother folks with grand schemes.
Plus, while the nation begs for Keystone, a local congresscritter was overheard discussing the need to cut the prison time for non-violent drug dealers with the local sheriff. It's nice to know that while the more important economic booster languishes in Obama's muddy mind, freedom for drug dealers is higher on the Congressional agenda than thwarting the worst leader in American history in his perverse views.
Proving, as it always has, that money talks and ideology gets obfuscated. Obama has no intention of every approving a Keystone Pipeline. That would actually help the former US of A. His union boss pals are 100 percent behind his anti-American stand, and the dues-paying boys in the trenches can go to hell. They're too stupid to understand, anyway. So now, the singular liberal/progressive Democrat version of the Koch brothers is promising $100 million of his own ill-gotten cash to Democrat political hacks to help them weather the coming storms in the 2014 elections.
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