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Best reason yet for establishing a test colony of Polar Bears in SF Bay. Funny how liberals have never commented on my plan to save the Polar bears by moving some to San Francisco where they could help control the seal population as well as the liberal population.
The US might have once had 3 million moslems, but today, about half of them are over in the Middle-East fighting for ISIS.
While all the pundits are pundit-ting, I had a sudden thought: What if Nancy Pelosi isn't re-elected next Tuesday? Wouldn't that be a hoot?
I hope Rosen sues the ash off Holder now that the schmuck has admitted over-zealousness in attacking Rosen and violating his civil rights.
Any machine caught changing votes - what else, but from GOP to Democrat, should be immediately kicked out of service and impounded for investigation. Funny how both incidents are favoring Democrats, isn't it?
Fry the SOB! Another 20 plus years to do the death penalty - what a joke. 4 innocents murdered and he's been offered a reprieve. Some justice.
We know this huge affront to personal liberty was ordered up straight from the Oval Office, which seems to get more obtuse with every passing day. Attkisson has a case for a lawsuit against the Big Cheese, if she could ever find a judge that isn't in al-Obama's pocket.
Lawyer Calhoun had Obama protect his wife, because he might get his ash sued and she wants no part of his liability.
Stomeecha! A real privilege. Finally, someone who knows Lawyer Calhoun. Another Harvard Law graduate. They train the best criminals there.
"White House Lied." "Obama Lied." This is such a regular news item that all I can say is: SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW?
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