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I see the comrades are all making an attempt to convince those who buy into their c r a p that they are as upset about these senseless cop killings as are normal people. I ain't going to work, because they are already on record as being brethren of the ignorant protesters wasting time and hot air on the rabid protests about the thug, Mikey Brown and the obese racketeer cigarette salesman with the heart and lungs of a long-time smoker and misdemeanor record holder. As semi-blacks, all the top dogs are pretending they are as outraged about the cop assassinations, while in their vapid hearts, they know they are as guilty as the semi-black who killed the cops.
It is really a clash of cultures - thuggish, brutal, grudging, and pathologically resistant to education vs. those making a effort to be inclusive. Who gets burned?
Just out of curiosity, when was the last assassination of a New York City mayor?
Typical for Fearless Leader, first he washes out the Grecian Formula so he looks grayer and more leader-like, then he addresses the horrendous crime of police assassinations done by a criminal Mikey Brown sympathizer, then he so righteously pretends that he had no part in the overall crime committed. al-Obama is as guilty of these murders as Holder, Sharpton, and Jackson. If the shoe fits, you inherited the shoe, not that you actually give a flying c r a p about it.
"Don't try to confuse us with the facts, our tiny little minds are made up we are going to keep rioting and demonstrating until Mikey gets a monument across from the White House, and we get to lynch Darren Wilson..."
I can hardy wait until the Army comes out with the Bo Bergdahl decision. With all the politics involved, it is a certainty he won't get the firing squad, which he so richly deserves, probably just a slap on the wrist and a free one way ticket back to his Taliban pals. Maybe Waxman will follow and do another propaganda piece on the nice Taliban.
This is a "journalist?" That sure explains why we're in such a state where everyone wins, you can't say anything that might hurt someone's feelings, and keeping the liberal message going is the job of the media - including ersatz journalists,
"If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again..."
Maybe she can caddy for the great one? Her TIP: Presidential Pardon
Anything in al-Obama's goodies for illegals that mentions they also have to have automobile insurance as well as a driver's license?
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