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Digusting liberal/progressive Democrat propaganda. But if you think this is media fawning, wait until one of the First Brats comes home with some bad news. That media output will make Chelsea's look like a Third World weekly. But, whoever came up with the potential male offspring being named "Beezlebubba" gets the first prize.
More likely, there was mix-up in the LA Times Propaganda Dispersion Department and the Obama Propaganda Ministry and the cops were sent in to beat some sense back into the employees.
Gee. Do you think there could be any connection between the dual citizen Rahm as a lying, conniving, liberal/progressive Democrat and the coming 2014 elections, where all stops are out on the blaring liberal Democrat propaganda organs, and the only thing that matters is winning at any cost?
I wonder why these "college students" missed the opportunity to do the Chinese monkey bit on Obama while he pretends to speak concerns for them? See no evil. Speak no evil. Hear no evil>
That's because the Obama Agenda is all about guns and grabbing guns from the people. His advisory staff decided there was nothing to gain from demanding a knife registration and knife grabbing.
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Big Day for Gun Rights in NY

DockyWocky Wrote: Apr 18, 2014 10:47 AM
The unmistakable facts here are that extra-wealth personages like Trump and Bloomberg have no need to carry guns themselves. They employ cohorts of paid licensed gun bearers that carry them around for them.
Whatever happened to the "40 million people in this country that have no medical insurance?" And this idiot is happy to have a measly "8 million?"
While all this hype about some judge having a pivotal role deciding whether gays should be allowed to wed in the United States is nice, I believe the citizens of the former United States of America already know how said pivotal ruling judge is going to rule. Any deviation from the uniform politically correct judge decision making policy will be met with an immediate corrective ruling from some higher judge. There is no mystery anymore of how judges are going to rule. It must be the most uniform, boring, and uninspiring job in the entire country.
I guess this means that Casper, the Friendly Ghost Writer, must have been busy as hell re-writing and sanitizing the Clinton family history. But, one thing I got to say about Hillary. At least she has a well documented history as a native born citizen. That's all I will have to say bout that.
While the other half are just itching to vote for another Clinton. Mass hysteria or mass con-job. Take you pick.
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