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If it flies in Chicago, its going to come to your burg in a matter of time. Chicago has always been the test bed for federal abuse since Al Capone.
So, when do we find out that Chicago Community Organizer, Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama, was also aware of Homan Square and apparently approved of all of its activities? Or is this going to be another Obama administration IRS-type scandal, al la Lois Lerner, where all the stooges circle the wagons and obfuscate?
The only way al-Obama will ever figure out which side he's on will be when ISIS puts him in orange coveralls and takes him out for a walk
Manchin will be voting with the Republicans, and Obama will be cutting West Virginia out of the will.
Let's get this irreparable harm to national security over with and see how much harm it actually produces. Then we can get on with wiping out ISIS and ISIS's man in the White House.
Raised in islamic families, there is no mystery here. They have been brainwashed into this action.
The gutless Senate has surrendered to the Islamo-Nazis.
al-Obama is famously quoted as saying, "My father was born a muzlim." Wrong as usual. What al-Obama should have said was that his father was born a bare, areligious neutral - just like every other person on the planet. Unfortunately, in al-Obama's father's case, he was dubbed a muzlim by forces beyond his control, and from which he will never recover, just like al-Obama. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor?
Hillary's Department of State has been a known harbor for perverts of many stripes over the years. Of course, she can beg off as it went on long before her tenure, but nobody at the tippy-top ever tries to put an end to it. "What difference, at this time, does it make?"
Hm. Maybe the reason our anti-terrorism program is so vapid is that there are terrorists of another sort in our own government offices charged with fighting terrorism. But, he's a good Democrat, and makes me wonder just how many more just like him are collecting big salaries doing exactly what this Rosen character does day in and say out? But not to worry! Whacky Psaki says that, "his security clearance has been suspended..." not that he has been terminated - perverts are accepted,, apparently, in all government branches. This one goes directly to al-Obama, but watch the cover-up commence.
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