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Add this to his unbroken record of doing continuous damage to United States' interests in the Middle-East and soon, you just might get the idea that what we have in Obama is an agent of radical islam.
Encouraging drunken and mentally compromised people to take part in elections is despicable, but typically Democrat behavior.
Looks like the DC police have a lot of ex-IRS folks working for them. This is blatant punishment and is illegal as all get out.
"On Tuesday, President Obama delivered his annual message to the United Nations in New York City..." Is there a new Constitutional requirement that presidents have to give an annual message to the United Nations that I am unaware of?
How anyone could suspect that CBS (Clinton Broadcasting System) could be totally in the Clinton crime family's clutches is outrageous. It is time for these ashholes to think what is best for the US of A, not what is best for Hillary. Whatever they are getting paid. it ain't enough to cover what is going to happen to CBS if they remain Clinton ash kissers.
Ever notice that every photo of al-Obama shows him with his mouth open?
Dinesh sentenced to 8 months of detention in a half-way joint and this criminal is still working her magic and collecting the cash.
By their line of reasoning, al-Obama might get sentenced to "time served."
When will the fratricide begin with our allied pilots? After all, there is bound to be zealots among the various moslems flying along with our aircraft.
But, what if the candidate wants to say, "So help me Allah?"
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