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Benghazi -- No Mere 'October Surprise'

DockyWocky Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 3:29 PM
True to form, Obama sources say Obama plans on bombing a couple of al-Queda terrorist training bases in Libya just before the election. This rather expected Obama action accomplishes 2 things: (1) It gets the story out making Obama look presidential, and at the same time, warns the al-Queda boys to bug out of these bases. Maybe these terror turkeys will then send in some innocent civilians to occupy the free quarters and upon being blown to smithereens, make us Yankee infidel dogs (Obama excepted) appear like lunatic terrorists to the people of the region. (2) Brings up the question, If Obama knows there are two al-Queda training bases operating in Libya, how come he hasn't sent the bombers in before now?
If you want to understand why conservatives have lost faith in the so-called mainstream media, you need to ponder the question: Where is the Benghazi feeding frenzy?

Unlike some of my colleagues on the right, I don't think there's a conspiracy at work. Rather, I think journalists tend to act on their instincts (some even brag about this; you could look it up). And, collectively, the mainstream media's instincts run liberal, making groupthink inevitable.

In 2000, a Democratic operative orchestrated an "October surprise" attack on George W. Bush, revealing that 24 years earlier, he'd been arrested for drunk driving. The...