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Matt Damon’s Latest Film Simplifies a Complex Political Issue

DocForesight Wrote: Jan 06, 2013 12:37 AM
Troubled -- Did you know that Mother Earth - Gaia - releases more oil in natural seeps off the coast of Santa Barbara each year than what hit the shores from the 1969 oil well accident? That's right, Mother Earth causes more damage on Her own than those evil oil corporations. But you wouldn't know that because you're too wedded to your environmental ideology and can't be bothered with researching facts.

Matt Damon’s latest film “Promised Land” arrived in theaters nationwide yesterday with a focus on the controversial issue of fracking. Written by Matt Damon (who won an Oscar for co-writing “Good Will Hunting”) and John Krasinski (“The Office),” the story focuses on a small community that is asked to debate the merits of the process when a large corporation arrives in town wanting to buy much of the local land.

In an article from the Wall Street Journal, reporter Daniel Gilbert described -- much more succinctly than the film does -- what the process of fracking entails. He noted that...