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The liberals are telegraphing exactly who they are most concerned about in the run-up to 2016. They couldn't remove Walker in the recall. He's turned the WI budget deficit into a surplus; allowed the local schools to retain their teachers while saving them money on insurance premiums and helped improve the business climate in WI. But we can't have that now, can we? Let's hope there's a "loser pays" provision in WI and these libs pay dearly for bringing this lawsuit.
Remember when "Ma" Richards lambasted and mocked GHW Bush for being born "with a silver spoon in his mouth"? How is Chelsea any different -- other than being the daughter of a prominent liberal? And what do the other journalists think of her making 10 times what they average - while only working part-time?
The SCOTUS got it wrong when they ruled "CO2 is a pollutant" and the EPA, Obama and the Climate Change Disruption agitators have run with it ever since. Any chance of returning that genie into the bottle? And did anyone else note the grammatical error in point #5? C'mon AP - isn't it "they're" not "their"?
The Divider-in-Chief strikes again! Obama never misses a chance to pit groups with different opinions and views against each other. A field full of Straw Men, and he is arrogant enough to think he's making valid points. Hey, Mr. President, even skeptics agree that the climate changes -- what they disagree with is what is causing it and how much human influence has on it. Science is not decided by consensus, pal, but by hard, verifiable, repeatable facts and measurements. On this, you lose!
Right, because the GOP has such a sordid history of feigning support for the military, only to stab them in the back ("This war is lost" - H. Reid, D-NV) when there is tough going on the battlefield. Oh, that's right, it's the Dems who are prone to that behavior. Lois, you never fail to prove yourself wrong.
Friedman is following the Kerry (Winter Soldier) approach: baseless claims about your fellow soldier's conduct.
Harry Reid is the one who needs to go. That happens by the Republicans taking the majority, and hopefully by a larger margin than just a couple of Senators. As with DE, MO, IN, and possibly NV, we shot ourselves in the foot and handed the Dems a victory - and assured collusion between Reid and Obama. Cochran may not be the most conservative candidate but it does us no good to lose a seat on which we have a lock if the Dems pick it up and make our hill of recapturing the Senate that much higher.
If you haven't already done so, be sure to read Andrew McCarthy's articles on Impeachment at They are very well-written and comprehensive.
Keep her front and center of as many broadcasts as often as possible between now and November. She thinks she is a profound spokesperson for the Dem/Liberal movement. Give her as much rope as she demands.
houdini -- Very well-said! I tire of the flippant use of the "RINO" label on anyone and everyone who doesn't vote in lock-step (and on every vote - no matter how procedural it may be!) with pure Constitutional affinity. As you so correctly said, conservatives have virtually NO influence with Democrats in Congress. At least with a Republican, you have a chance at influencing their vote.
What lies did McConnell state? Please be specific.
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