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Keep her front and center of as many broadcasts as often as possible between now and November. She thinks she is a profound spokesperson for the Dem/Liberal movement. Give her as much rope as she demands.
houdini -- Very well-said! I tire of the flippant use of the "RINO" label on anyone and everyone who doesn't vote in lock-step (and on every vote - no matter how procedural it may be!) with pure Constitutional affinity. As you so correctly said, conservatives have virtually NO influence with Democrats in Congress. At least with a Republican, you have a chance at influencing their vote.
What lies did McConnell state? Please be specific.
McConnell kept the entire caucus together in the Senate to deny Obama and the Dems any support for Obamacare. Yes, the law was egregiously flawed but that is still no small task considering the makeup of the caucus. Give credit where credit is due.
And if that is true, does that now make Rand Paul persona non grata to you? If taking the majority control of the Senate is important (and I believe it is critical to this nation's future), then having the most electable, most savvy (in terms of political strategy -- and here's MM's bona fides: he managed to keep all the Republican Senators in line against Obamacare - even Olympia Snowe) and most capable (under the circumstances) leaders at the helm is vital. Now is not the time for wet-behind-the-ears rookies to engage in on-the-job training. Judicial appointments are forthcoming - maybe even SCOTUS.
king -- If I read this article in context, the "old way of doing things" was to allow the committees to craft legislation, rather than invest so much power in the Majority Leader; to allow the minority party to bring forth amendments to legislation that may require unpleasant votes by members of the majority party; and to actually negotiate on policy/legislation that approximately half of the electorate would find agreeable. Harry Reid has done all in his power to thwart that process. The TEA Party candidates will continue to influence the Republican party because of what they stand for - limited government, fiscal responsibility, personal liberty.
lois -- You must have a comprehension problem ... or your hard left ideology doesn't allow common sense to percolate through your impermeable cranium. Dr. Carson isn't on welfare and doesn't say he was on it before he achieved his success. The system, as it now stands, rewards sloth and penalizes breaking free from the shackles of the programs liberals claim are there to "help" the disadvantaged. Those good intentions have created deplorable consequences for generations of people - largely minorities. Conservatives measure compassion by counting those who no longer need welfare. They are independent and have dignity.
Of course you are satisfied, Hillary. As far as we know, the other investigations barely, if at all, interviewed you. To this day, we don't know what you did and when or with whom when you received your phone call from Greg Hicks. Or why you promoted the patently false talking point of the internet video as the blame for the riot/attack. You've got some explaining to do, ma'am. Under oath, too.
Re-read what Gowdy said about himself and fund-raising. Are you capable of reading comprehension?
What, exactly, are your parameters to be a "true" conservative, smitty? If a candidate doesn't meet every single one of your parameters, are they summarily disqualified as being a viable candidate for their district or state - in your political view? If that is the case, then conservatives will not likely ever hold public office beyond dog catcher. And you'll have no influence on the Democrat office holder, either.
Hey Plouffe, why haven't we heard one peep from the 30 or so others who were on the ground in Benghazi? Who has demanded that they not report, under oath, what they were doing there and what exactly happened, minute by minute? If there is no cover-up, why does this administration go to such great lengths to thwart an open investigation?
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