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At least he received a vote. The Senate Democrats assured that Miguel Estrada never was given that courtesy, despite having a stellar legal background and record of accomplishment. Cry me a river about Debo. And I could care less what his ethnic background is or whether his name sounds unusual.
To whom are you referring, exactly? Are you saying someone like Tom McClintock (CA) needs to be replaced? Be specific, please.
Yeah, Bush "bilked" that money all right. For his personal gain, no less. That and for his buddies and their Swiss bank accounts, you know. He's not asking for your respect -- maybe to use some common sense. Are we at war against radical Islam or not? They have declared war on us - as far back as 1979 in Tehran - but we didn't recognize it nor respond to it. They finally got our attention on 9/11/01 and you want to quibble over the cost of trying to defeat this asymmetric enemy and their state sponsors? Let our military do what they are trained to do without ridiculous rules of engagement and politicians playing armchair generals. This enemy respects nothing but force.
Yes! Andrew McCarthy explains quite clearly the challenge of impeaching Obama for his lawlessness - the public has not associated his policies with him personally, thus they have no appetite, yet, for bringing up charges. The lower ranking officials, however, garner no such public sympathy. It's beyond high time to bring Koskinen, Holder and others up for these charges and begin to show we will not tolerate their abuse of power.
Does that make her "bipolar"? DTL -- I think you meant "polls". LOL Have a relaxing Labor Day!
DoctorX -- Your low swipe at Kurt's education achievement (which he simply states with pride that he did so without cheating) is par for the course of deflection that liberals practice when confronted with a stark comparison as demonstrated here. What is telling is the lack of response by the other Democrat candidates to this fellow traveler of the Angry Left. The contrast couldn't be more clear, yet you want to make it about the author. Lucky for us, Montanans won't be fooled or swayed by your feeble attempt at deflection. Say "good bye" to Max Baucus' senate seat! That's one down, 5 to go for a Republican majority and relegating Harry Reid to Minority "leader". Yee haw!
Are you certain that, if Obama grants them amnesty in September, that they can vote in November?
Yes, and it was Republican senators who attended the Wellstone memorial to pay their respects who were criticized for even being there. Remember how Sen. Tom Harkin implored the Democrats attending to "do it for Paul!"? One of the most disgusting displays of dancing on the grave of a fallen colleague to score political points that I can recall. Not unlike the New Town school murders.
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The Day Nixon Told the Truth

DocForesight Wrote: Aug 09, 2014 11:46 AM
And following this resignation, the Democrats controlled Congress and reneged on our promise to the South Vietnamese to supply them with arms and materiel to fight the NVA. The resulting slaughter is blood on their hands.
And incumbent Dems don't have primary challengers? Who are you trying to kid? In both parties, there are people who think the incumbent isn't doing something right and needs to be replaced. An alternative candidate is brought forward, they campaign, try to persuade voters of their worth at the ballot box. If they prevail, great. If not, so be it. It happens on both sides of the aisle. Obama doesn't respect anyone who doesn't dance to his tune. Half the country doesn't dance to his tune.
Well, will, we certainly need your advice on political strategy. Not.
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