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Can you name three examples of where the Republicans have used the term "crisis" in the past 10 years to advance their policy agenda? In most cases it is Democrats, who favor big government "solutions" to societal "problems" vs. private enterprise solutions to those same problems, that drum up the "crisis" meme to spur public interest. Remember the "homeless crisis" during the Reagan and Bush 41 years that miraculously disappeared as soon as Clinton was inaugurated?
Did Ann say bad things don't happen? Not in the article I just read. She did say the evidence didn't support the accusation of those particular "bad things" happening. She has actually scoured the data to reach a conclusion, based on the evidence - which is quite unlike what these grandstanding Democrat senators have done. Would you care to cite the instances where she or Ted Cruz or Louie Gohmert exhibit "idiocy" in word, action or deed during 2014?
So since the Latin Vulgate, which translations are not translated correctly, according to the Mormons? While you are at it, would you care to explain how there are substantial archaeologic findings supporting the orthodox Judeo-Christian biblical interpretation and none (of which I am aware) supporting the Mormon version?
Point of clarification: you can't say ANYTHING you want (ex: shouting "FIRE" in a crowded theater when there is no fire) as protected speech. Beyond that, this gal is terribly misinformed and naive.
I'm a little surprised Shumlin was that transparent and overt in declaring the scheme was too expensive. He's been masterful at helping force the closure of Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant even though it recently received approval by the NRC to continue providing low-emission, on-demand, reliable, affordable electricity to Vermonters. Tough beans, Shumlin!
Ever since she demagogued Bruce Hershenshon (sp) to win her first senate term, she's been an embarrassment for the state of California. She was also knee deep in the House bank check kiting scandal. She's an intellectual lightweight and doesn't deserve another day in the Senate.
That's the spirit! Assemble the circular firing squad before the new congress and their new chairmen present their ideas on countering and thwarting the Obama agenda. Perfect attitude to take - if you're an Eeyore. What you can do is keep their feet to the fire because, unlike with the Dems, you at least have some influence. Use it.
A parade of disgusting mouthpieces in the service of POTUS - Gibbs, Carney, now Earnest. Where is a Tony Snow-type character when we need him?
Yep, the mask is off again. When he's off script, the truth comes out. Isn't it reassuring that he knows that the action he unilaterally took to "change the law" is the same action he told us a score of times that he could not do? Constitutional scholar - not!
As with Gruber-gate, if the public is not informed, the public cannot register their displeasure. Not broadcasting this "declaration of amnesty" merely advances the ball by keeping it under the radar. Devious.
So you think Romney is a "marxist"? Really? Let's remember: Romney was governor of dark blue Massachusetts. States are to be the testing grounds for programs before they might be implemented nation-wide. His legislature was controlled by Democrats so he agreed to a program that was to accomplish a result they deemed necessary. It didn't work out so well after enacting it. And for that you call Romney a "marxist"?
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