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Example of a poorly chosen headline, which obfuscates the message. It's true that developing countries suffer needless childhood deaths due to unclean drinking water and poor sanitation. What helps alleviate that is a growing economy, fueled by competition and abundant, affordable energy. Drilling water wells for villages, erecting storage tanks for use during dry periods, improving the quality of sanitation and responsible resource usage are some of the answers to the problems she mentions. The Clinton Global Initiative could be used for good in all these instances -- if they want to leave a legacy for good rather than a stain on their name.
My, aren't you profound? So, because he lost he no longer has an opinion worthy of being heard? It was Obama who was incorrect about the threat of Putin and Russia but you want to blame Romney for pointing it out. And which "companies and retirement accounts" did he "raid" -- be specific in your citations. If you have none, then you ought to "shut up"!
This would be a good place to post that Josh Miller (D-CT representative) video following the question about the 2nd Amendment. Harry Reid deserves nothing better than that. Such contempt for the public has no floor, apparently.
What a pathetic excuse for a posting. You obviously know nothing about law-abiding firearm owners who may also choose to shoulder the responsibility to protect themselves and the sheep around them -- not from the stereotypical character you offer, but from a criminal intent on violence against an unarmed citizenry. You wouldn't even dare to try an IDPA match, would you?
Looking forward to your updates. Have fun and take every advantage to the coaching you can get.
Hey putz, your messiah is in charge (sort of) of foreign policy now. He decides or, more accurately, vacillates on what action, or inaction or strongly-worded response to take. Get over your BDS.
Then let her be the first to show us all how wonderful living without modern conveniences is. And as for "civil disobedience", a few National Guardsmen might help break up that situation.
Calo -- Not sure if we read the same article, but HH is clearly unimpressed with the House leadership and the Senate is held hostage to Reid's majority and truly despicable tactics to thwart any legislation coming from the House. Pick your battles wisely, particularly when you are in the minority (as in the Senate).
And those bricks would be made of balsa wood or styrofoam. BO, your threats carry as much heft as cotton candy. Sit down before you make us even more embarrassed.
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DocForesight Wrote: Feb 10, 2014 2:16 AM
When you replay some of their early songs on YouTube, you can't help but appreciate what they accomplished and how they influenced pop music thereafter. Compared to what passes as "music" today, these songs remain refreshing. Not complex like the great composers of previous centuries, but still uplifting and may even make a curmudgeon tap his/her foot to the beat.
I note that you offer no specific examples of his lack of facts in his column. And what is his "agenda"? That the US should utilize more of its natural resources to promote our economy? Yeah, that's such a horrid agenda. When will you Lefties ever learn to engage in a substantive debate?
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