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And incumbent Dems don't have primary challengers? Who are you trying to kid? In both parties, there are people who think the incumbent isn't doing something right and needs to be replaced. An alternative candidate is brought forward, they campaign, try to persuade voters of their worth at the ballot box. If they prevail, great. If not, so be it. It happens on both sides of the aisle. Obama doesn't respect anyone who doesn't dance to his tune. Half the country doesn't dance to his tune.
Well, will, we certainly need your advice on political strategy. Not.
Terry, your being in Iraq and covering that story has no bearing on why your network has assiduously limited its coverage on one of the most, if not THE most, impacting stories on the domestic front. The IRS "email-gate" charade shows greater abuse of executive power over individual citizens exercising their right to political speech than Nixon ever dreamed of! And you pawn it off as something your handlers decide? Pathetic response.
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Obama: I'll Fix Immigration Alone

DocForesight Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 12:52 AM
This is what you get when someone grows up never being told "No". You get a petulant, arrogant, self-abosrbed, thin-skinned, narcissistic man-child who thinks just by merely uttering his decrees, he creates what is in his mind. And to think 50% of voting Americans were taken by this charade.
A 5-4 decision on this case is more evidence that Republicans must take majority control of the Senate in November. BHO will nominate another justice to swing the court into Liberal majority. Count on it.
Let me get this straight: It's perfectly acceptable for Obama to punt on the Keystone XL pipeline for 5 years, despite approval by his own State Department, but the House (and the rest of the republic) deliberating a year and dealing with disputes by members of the House (some of us demand a double-layer fence wherever possible) is now intolerable because he wants his agenda to advance? Sorry, pal, not going to happen. You have two years to learn how to negotiate with your political opponents rather than force us to accept your preferences.
Sorry Mr, Koskinen, but you are more unbelievable than ever. Nothing you say adds up when one considers the resources of the IRS and the requirements of the law to retain your communications, in redundancy. A word to the Committee: don't focus only on the hard drive -- it's the server and their backup that needs to be addressed. Call in an IT expert for testimony!
No, he is running an agency of 90,00 people but only a small number, maybe a dozen, are critical to this investigation, which has been ongoing for the past year plus. These communications are central to the investigation and are required by law to be retained. They appear to have been deliberately destroyed in order to obstruct the investigation. Who told Koskinen about the hard drive and when establishes a line of communication that can be traced and verified. Or discarded as a lie.
lois -- You know you are out of intellectual ammo when your FIRST response is to attack the credibility of the investigator, particularly using old news (and I mean, like, more than two years ago, dude!), to muddy the water around an investigation which should concern ALL Americans, not just those deliberately targeted this time. Your side may be next.
Andrew, until there is a sea-change in public opinion about Obama, an impeachment will go nowhere and will distract the public from the myriad of scandals that hover, like a skunk's putrid stench, over this administration. Focus on the immediate goal: taking majority control of the Senate and relegate Harry Reid to the back bench where he belongs. Then, the House and Senate can exert some pressure to rein in this POTUS who seems quite content to unilaterally change laws or enforce only those laws that further his agenda.
The liberals are telegraphing exactly who they are most concerned about in the run-up to 2016. They couldn't remove Walker in the recall. He's turned the WI budget deficit into a surplus; allowed the local schools to retain their teachers while saving them money on insurance premiums and helped improve the business climate in WI. But we can't have that now, can we? Let's hope there's a "loser pays" provision in WI and these libs pay dearly for bringing this lawsuit.
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