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My former home-state has become even more radicalized - almost as bad as I am under Boxer and Feinstein. It's a pity when otherwise thinking adults can't look at projects logically and in their total context, without getting distracted by emotional appeals by enviro-radicals. Canada will continue to extract and process the crude. The world will continue to burn the end products. The climate will continue on its merry way regardless of what we do - always has, always will.
We complained but no one in the MSM listened - they didn't need to since there was no competition for their reportage. That has changed. Democrats behind Reid secured their limitations to whine or complain now with the "nuclear option".
IF that meeting and strategy is true, that will set off a protest we've never seen since Vietnam War days. Obama better be careful for what he wishes.
If Elizabeth Warren is a "fresh, young face" at 65, the Dems have big problems. Repubs, on the other hand, have Tim Scott as their "fresh, young face". I'll take Tim, any day.
Geographically, there are sections of the border that are not conducive to a physical fence. You know that. And land mines are not going to pass the "reasonable" test. Patrol it? Absolutely. Monitor it for tunneling activity? Sure. HH is simply outlining an approach that limits litigation that slows the construction. That approach can pass Congress and be signed into law. And that is the goal.
Henry, Obama is a narcissist. Of course the people who didn't cast a vote would have voted for his approach to illegal aliens. The man-child is dangerous in his delusions of invincibility. Hope Sessions can rally enough of the troops to squash this attempt at illegality. If not, I think Obama will have raised the bar for the next Dem candidate in 2016 as the public will not take kindly to such actions.
Time to fit Koskinen in an orange jump-suit. Start showing these corruptocrats that the people mean business and will not be duped.
Obama shows courtesy only when he's cajoled into doing so. It's so below him, don't ya know? This smackdown couldn't happen to a more deserving POTUS. I predict that he will double-down on his agenda, virtually daring the Rs to impeach him, as a way to fire up his Angry Left base in time for 2016.
Er ... that would be "Michelle" Bachmann (unless she has a lesser-known twin sister). Regardless, our gals are much more attractive in body, mind and spirit than the harpies on the Left.
What choice, at this point, does the Party have? To not support him? How will doing that assist in removing Reid from Majority Leader and Senate Obstructionist-in-Chief? There are very few R Senators with whom you will agree 100%. I'm not sure where you live, but I would take Brown over Boxer of Feinstein any day.
Partial kudos to the interviewers but they should have nailed her down by stating the unvarnished truth: Obama is NOT campaigning in ANY competitive Senate races! He is toxic to those candidates and they know it, as does she. Something is beautiful here.
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