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Appreciate your service but don't engage in a strawman argument. No one is saying "all" civil servants vote Democrat.
Can you name even one example of a congressional Republican who opposed a policy advanced by Obama that was actually beneficial to the nation - including "reducing taxes for every American"? I think not. We have a representative republic, not a monarchy or dictatorship. Obama (nor GWB nor Clinton, etc) is king. He can't simply declare what he wants and then gets it. Republicans applaud and support well-crafted legislation but oppose poorly-crafted and harmful bills. You should, too.
Attention Jewish Democrats: this is what you get when you slavishly vote for the 'D' rather than for someone who considers your history, your productivity and your sense of governance, particularly your homeland amid a cesspool of violence and war.
This is the same POTUS that has stated he wants America to become less dependent on foreign energy, yet he does everything in his power to thwart that result with his policies, regulations and restrictions. If infrastructure jobs are important to him, then it shouldn't matter their size in manpower or duration. Get out of the way and build it!
Dan - do you think Sandoval will run against Reid? Seems he'd be a formidable and respected candidate for NV.
Single-level thinking will get you Shrillary as POTUS. Would the USA really be worse off if Romney had won? Seriously? Dole and McCain were weak candidates, true, but either would be better than their Democrat opponent.
Cry me a river! Political grandstanding? Disrespecting someone? Inviting someone to speak during a political season? Waaaa!! If Obama and his minions hadn't been so callous towards others over the past 6 years, perhaps we could assign some credibility to their concerns but the opposite is true so, NO, you don't get that consideration. Go pound sand!
M-J - Do you suffer from impaired reading comprehension? You, sir, are a putz!
Romney is a class-act, a competent executive, a generous and humble man with the money he earned (not just giving away other people's money). While he would make an excellent POTUS, I think his decision is wise. He will be a team player and help assure victory for the R's in 2016.
Here's some math for you, lois: Obama = 8 trillion more in debt (while he derided GWB for his 4 T) Obama = higher food stamp use than GWB Obama = lowest labor participation rate (people gave up looking for jobs) since 1970s Obama won the election, true, but America has lost far greater as a result.
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