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Romney is a class-act, a competent executive, a generous and humble man with the money he earned (not just giving away other people's money). While he would make an excellent POTUS, I think his decision is wise. He will be a team player and help assure victory for the R's in 2016.
Here's some math for you, lois: Obama = 8 trillion more in debt (while he derided GWB for his 4 T) Obama = higher food stamp use than GWB Obama = lowest labor participation rate (people gave up looking for jobs) since 1970s Obama won the election, true, but America has lost far greater as a result.
Hey genius, the Canadian oil sands are not extracted via fracking. It's a different process entirely, so your premise is faulty at the outset. Who cares what the Saudis do anyway? If we just allow exploration, extraction and refining from our own lands - federal and private, on and off-shore - we would not be concerned one bit what the Saudis, the other OPEC nations or what Russia does. We own the energy field. We would have great influence on world prices and exert significant influence on the geopolitical arena. That's "smart power", to borrow an Obama phrase.
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Defining Hillary Down

DocForesight Wrote: Jan 29, 2015 11:38 AM
So you've thrown in the towel already? Remind me to not pick you for my team.
The fact that Congressional Democrats don't seem concerned about this fiscal calamity-in-waiting tells you all you need to know about their allegiances: to Party and ideology, not their own progeny.
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Methane Deceptions

DocForesight Wrote: Jan 24, 2015 11:32 AM
Hillary will defeat herself. She has no natural political talent; she's a tiresome, shrill public speaker; she has no significant accomplishments to her own name - legislatively, as SoS nor as First Lady. Let her run. Support her if you must but she will not become POTUS. Americans have seen what her brand of liberalism brings and they have rejected it.
Thanks for the sermon, Joycey. We have a secular government based on sectarian principles, not a theocracy. Yes, many of the religious underpinnings of our original writings have been discarded by law or judicial decree but sermonizing won't restore that.
Where did you read that result in this article? Yes, waste is rampant in government but you're not going to fix that in one solitary session of Republicans. They have been in session for what, one week, you expect them to resolve decades of runaway spending? It's going to take gradual reductions in spending and a robust, growing economy to achieve these goals.
Rep. Denham -- some advice for you: Border fence/security first. Period! E-verify second. Period. Let Obama veto those bills separately. Dare him to do so. You want to see his approval ratings tank - that would do it.
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