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BHO was referring to the government-created unemployment advisers jobs ... not the private sector jobs most people actually consider as real.
Meh, she was ineffective, at best and likely negligent when her charges were under attack in Benghazi. IMHO, she has always been given greater cache' by the MSM than she deserves.
Ronald is exactly correct. He was not under oath. Cummings may be guilty of a coverup and complicit with the BHO administration with all manner of chicanery but he has not yet been indicted, cross-examined and convicted. Let's use some common sense here -- the libs are the emotional ones.
Am inclined to agree with you. When you base your candidacy on family values and integrity, you had better control your impulses and temptations. We are all capable of this indiscretion; not all will succumb to it. Self-control determines which one wins. That this happened so close to the election indicates there was some chemistry going on before. And geez, he has five kids with his wife so it's not like she's denying him affection!
Try repeating that lie all you want, Jay-boy, but we're not buying it. Bring on the Nov elections! Time to clean the House and Senate of anyone who voted for this disaster of a law.
Obama never misses an opportunity to demagogue his political opponents. Nothing anyone else offers as ideas or policy is above contempt. Quite the unifier, eh?
Can anyone name the last time a liberal guest speaker at a college or university was shouted down by conservative students? It would appear that the preponderance of evidence supports the contention that it is primarily (almost exclusively) liberals who are intolerant of speech that offends their tender PC sensibilities.
Example of a poorly chosen headline, which obfuscates the message. It's true that developing countries suffer needless childhood deaths due to unclean drinking water and poor sanitation. What helps alleviate that is a growing economy, fueled by competition and abundant, affordable energy. Drilling water wells for villages, erecting storage tanks for use during dry periods, improving the quality of sanitation and responsible resource usage are some of the answers to the problems she mentions. The Clinton Global Initiative could be used for good in all these instances -- if they want to leave a legacy for good rather than a stain on their name.
My, aren't you profound? So, because he lost he no longer has an opinion worthy of being heard? It was Obama who was incorrect about the threat of Putin and Russia but you want to blame Romney for pointing it out. And which "companies and retirement accounts" did he "raid" -- be specific in your citations. If you have none, then you ought to "shut up"!
This would be a good place to post that Josh Miller (D-CT representative) video following the question about the 2nd Amendment. Harry Reid deserves nothing better than that. Such contempt for the public has no floor, apparently.
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