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Guns and Love

docdreadly Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 12:10 PM
School need to stay as gun free zones. There is no reason to remove that. All you do then is have guns mostly when school is in and school let's out. You arm teachers with CCW and the little monster planner will know who it is and plan for his next adventure. The columbine monsters had initially kill the students coming out of the school by shooting them from the woods and then killing first resonders with explosives set up around the permeter. I know, I was debriefed by people who were there. There will always be a way, so lets harden the target...or better secure the schools and better watch out childern and identify the ones that are offering challenges or problems beyond what is reasonable or regular in our society (mental health).

Guns, guns, guns. Love, love, love. America needs guns and love.

As humans, we have an inherent right to life. Our right to life (or self-defense) is a natural right and does not come from any document, even the Constitution. The Bill of Rights or the first ten amendments to the Constitution simply acknowledge our natural rights. Specifically, the Second Amendment recognizes our natural right to bear arms for self-defense.

Guns are the reactive, defensive answer to evil in the world. Love is the proactiveanswer to evil. We need both—guns and love.


Good men express themselves through love; love...