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Who Killed the New Majority?

doc, aka Rich Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 2:01 AM
It really doesn't matter. A populous addicted to benefits it can't pay for is simply doomed. As Pat observes the current majority has no interest in turning off the spigot of benefits that they obtain from other people's money. Sad, but it's probably more fruitful to consider what we'll do after the inevitable economic collapse of the dollar ... and the collapse of our economy that will inevitably follow. There will be a chance for a new beginning like after the collapse of the USSR. I'm hopeful that America may try the American constitutional experiment again. My fear is that they will attempt to limp along with the failed European socialist state we are currently emulating.

The Republican National Committee has produced an "autopsy" on what went wrong in 2012, when the party failed to win the White House and lost seats in Congress.

Yet, the crisis of the Grand Old Party goes back much further.

First, some history. The Frank Lloyd Wright of the New Majority was Richard Nixon, who picked up the pieces of the party after Goldwater's defeat had left Republicans with just a third of the House and Senate.

In 1966, Nixon led the GOP back to a stunning victory, picking up 47 House seats. In 1968, he united the Rockefeller and...