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The Irrelevance of "Right-to-Work" Laws

doc, aka Rich Wrote: Dec 16, 2012 11:33 AM
I was a conservative dead set against going into Iraq for lack of cause, but when the decision to engage was made all citizens had to stand united behind our troops. But staying for nation building was equally objectionable to me. Yes, Bush's major flaw was his devotion to statism almost equaled by democrats. But there's no logic to turning over reigns to democrats where statism is not an exception but planks in their party platform. Kind of like beating your head against the wall as a plausible cure for a headache.

Some people love right-to-work laws, and some people really hate them. The reaction in Michigan when Republican Gov. Rick Snyder signed one has been not only spirited but downright violent at times. The public was so fierce and divided that I was afraid the state might split into two separate parts. Oh, wait...

These laws have a mythic importance with advocates on the left and the right. One group sees them as a shimmering beacon of freedom against union bullying. In this view, they spur job creation, generate investment and free workers to choose whether to support unions.

Organized labor, on...