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Prima Donna Moderators and Shifting Formats Devalue Debates

doc, aka Rich Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 12:48 PM
I found it ironic at they went to lengths to explain that all the participants (the audience members who would ask questions) were undecided independent voters. Yet they can make no claim that the moderator was, that was permitted to ask as many questions as the audience, and even took to the playing field to participate in the arguments. Both candidates agreed to this format, where I think one side is being taken and should be demanding an even playing field.
"Three down and one to go. That's the scorecard for the American electorate evaluating the Republican and Democratic nominees for president and vice president, based on their performances in the total of four nationally televised debates. Thus far, viewers have indeed been exposed to differing styles offered by the four candidates (including Smirkin' Joe Biden's insufferable and childish attempts to throw Paul Ryan off stride with his repeated interruptions and bouts of laughter). We also have been able to glean glimpses of each man's substantive views on at least some of the important issues the next administration will face.

Unfortunately, having...