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Mexican Cartels Violently Beat and Kill Female Mayor

doc, aka Rich Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 8:13 PM
The reason drug use is a problem is that we have become a permissive, non-judgmental society, and the majority of Americans think this is a good thing. Having children out of wedlock is ok. Murdering unborn children is simply labeled 'choice'. Abuse of foodstamps and disability has skyrocketed. Society and church used to place firm limits on acceptable behavior, while today people think it's government's responsibility to 'decide' what is acceptable and unacceptable. Government cannot legislate morality and, god help us, we've become a godless immoral society.

As our focus continues to be on the violence in the Middle East, it is also important to pay attention to what is going on just south of our own border in Mexico. The war between the Mexican government and drug cartels is still raging with the war's latest victim being female Mayor Maria Santos Gorrostieta, who was beaten, burned, tortured and dumped for dead on the side of the road. Before being killed, Gorrostieta had been attacked twice by cartels for daring to challenge them. The third attack they waged on her, was her last.