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Evangelicals Against God

doc, aka Rich Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 1:55 PM
School teaches knowledge and churches teach moral code. In the US the schools historically taught both but over that last century church morals have been systematically removed from gov't schools and replaced by civics (the non judgmental morals of secularism). As church attendance declines it's apparent that a nation that no longer chooses to teach any moral code to it's young declines socially. The civics of secularism have proven to be a poor substitute for church. There's nothing wrong with possessing individual non church morals, but as a nation we've been I'll served by abandoning the church's function.

I was driving near the Washington Beltway recently behind an evangelistic atheist. It was not the Obama-Biden bumper sticker that gave this driver away, but the one just below it: "You don't need God — to hope, to care, to love, to live."

That seemed an oddly defensive bit of secular scripture, and since the bumper sticker also promoted a website (, I decided to see what the Godless were preaching.

"We who are nonreligious lead meaningful lives without reliance on the supernatural," said the website.

"Moreover, we who are nonreligious don't believe our lives lack meaning because there is no...