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The author is a tad shy on his history. After the Sullivans restrictions were passed prohibiting siblings from serving in the same unit ... not from service in the same war. In fact, an ENORMOUS number of siblings from large families served in WWII (my own dad and all my uncles included). It was literally commonplace.
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The FBI Prospers by Feeding Fears

doc, aka Rich Wrote: May 25, 2014 1:20 AM
Send the employees home, shut and bolt the doors, not replace any of them, and we won't even miss them ... not even a smidgen. I'd sleep better at night if Depts of education, energy, commerce, and agriculture were TOTALLY ELIMINATED. But I like the FBI, DEA, CIA, ... even NSA ... but I'd really gut all NSA programs that CRIMINALLY spy on Americans within our own borders, without search warrants or probable cause. I'd give the NSA 1 week notice that all such programs be voluntarily suspended and after the notice expired begin prosecution of anyone continuing such actions ... as they are CRIMINAL. I'm not sure I have any feelings of warmth for ATF ... not after fast & furious.
What if a majority of the electorate likes the country we've become? No need to imagine ... we're there dude. Deal with it. I believe our elected government is a mirror reflection of the American electorate. The "transformation of America" is accomplished by changing demographics, culture, society, etc. ... and is merely codified by the electorate selected representatives.
I agree that all the questions have already been answered ... the WH intentionally lied to the American people. We don't need more hearings ... we need impeachment.
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Why We're No Longer Number One

doc, aka Rich Wrote: May 06, 2014 1:57 PM
"Many" is meaningless in any country with a significant population. Most support Iran's gov't, as if most opposed then it's gov't wouldn't pursue the direction they've taken.
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Competing for the Obama Library

doc, aka Rich Wrote: May 04, 2014 9:53 PM
Reminds me of a certain nation that borrows money it doesn't have so that it can give it away to other countries. Without a balanced budget amendment I don't believe the United States of America can avoid the inevitable financial collapse. If you spend more than you make as a normal condition you WILL go bankrupt. Despite the obfuscation, it's no different for a nation. It's true for cities (Detroit), states like IL and CA, and nations too.
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Creatively Destroying Government

doc, aka Rich Wrote: May 03, 2014 10:03 PM
So many spending problems yet only one solution fixes most all them all. Amend the constitution with a balanced budget amendment. However, for program proliferation, one might add an amendment whereby all worthwhile laws which we want maintained require once a decade congressional renewal ... hence all dead programs eventually time out-of-existance.
Is John King really that stupid that he can't figure it when he's been lied to? The mystery is merely they have nowhere to go ... they have lied plain and simple. The plain truth is the media has such faith that they were willing to accept a lie so obvious for non-worshipers to through. What I can't figure out is how such educated people can be so bamboozled.
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Will Dunbar Rise Again?

doc, aka Rich Wrote: May 01, 2014 3:07 AM
What happened to America is the culture of entitlement. People feel entitled to equality of outcome without work, and resent those who achieve through work as spoiling ... stealing the prosperity they feel entitled. Few could have imagined such a social shift in less than a century ... though some did (I'm thinking John Stormer).
It's been over 24 hours now. Why hasn't the house yet voted to impeach? Because Boehner has no backbone .... he hasn't even been persuaded to support a special prosecutor or investigation.
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The Constitution or Good Ideas?

doc, aka Rich Wrote: Apr 30, 2014 12:38 AM
What a colossal disappointment Roberts turned out to be.
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