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Russia To Ukraine: We're Back!

doc, aka Rich Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 3:14 PM
Does anyone here know that Ukraine allied with Russia for defense back in the1600's, and became part a province of Russia back in the1700's? We talk about every Texan also being an American. Well every Ukrainian is also a Russian and has been for longer than the United States has been a nation. They've been part of Russia for HUNDREDS OF YEARS. The Confederate states had only been part of the United States for 100 years when Lincoln ordered the Union Army to force re-integration. If Lincoln can force reintegration of the Confederacy, why can't Russia force reintegration of the Ukraine? It's only been separate for a relative short time compared to how long it's been an integrated province. It's none of our business whether Ukraine reintegrates with Russia or remains independent. Deaths in our own Civil War totaled nearly a million with forced reintegration. The death toll for people determining whether to govern together or independently is a passionate cause on all sides (we should know). Foreign intervention on either side only increases the bloodshed ... imagine if a foreign nation (say Russia) had intervened on the side of the Confederacy when Union Armies marched south? (The potential for foreign intervention was a real issue if you know your history). Given the length of time the Ukraine has been part of Russia, portraying this as an act of aggression simply displays ignorance of the regional history. If you have no stake in a conflict, keep one's nose out of it.
Stupid fake outrage. Biden's quip takes less than an ounce to understand ... no mystery here. Dems pretend there's a war on women to prop up the historical preference of 19th Amendment electorate to vote Democratic. Is it true? No. Is it effective? Yes.
Really? You should listen to more democrats ... then Obama won't be the only one.
It's hard to feel good about the 19th amendment if you are not happy with the Obama presidency.
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To Defeat the Islamic State

doc, aka Rich Wrote: Aug 26, 2014 1:56 AM
I will not beat the drum that ISIS is not a threat, but Pat is correct that this mess if COMPLETELY Obama's creation with his stunning record of making the wrong decision on every Arab Spring issue he touched. Even a broken watch is right twice a day. It's quite an accomplishment to have been wrong on EACH AND EVERY ARAB SPRING ISSUE HE ENGAGED. We made this steaming pile of whatever. I don't think ignoring it is the smartest move.
Friends can joke ... no appology needed. I despise those who fake outrage. To everyone who wants to pretend as if there was offense here ... grow up.
Think Kurds, and the Iraqi shiites for example. The Saudi's will support even if they don't contribute troops (as when we alianced against Kuwait). Think turks, and others potentially. We SHOULD be in alliance with Syria, too, except for Obama's bungling.
America is doomed because of the direction it's leaders have taken the nation, but the direction it's leaders have taken the nation is a reflection of the people who voted for this future. Therein lies the contradiction. We now have an electorate majority that pays no federal non-entitlement taxes (FICA, etc). This nation's direction is under control of an electoral majority to expand the redistribution policies.
I'm convinced Obama is ideologically committed to not taking arms against any Islamic nation or Islamic extremists.
The forces needed could be a coalition of the western christian world allied with nations of the moderate muslim world. the WORLD could provide a horde to overwhelm the islamic extremists, and divide their territories among allied nations of the region much as Germany was administered for years after the war by multiple nations. It's time for another crusade.
Fool. The US went to war against non-state 'pirate' islamist terrorists roughly 200 years ago when Jefferson (if I recall correctly) decided to stop paying ransom to the Barbary Coast. We didn't send "police". Funny how history repeats itself, as the other news of today is how Europe is paying ransoms today ... how little changes in 200 years.
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