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doc, aka Rich Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 3:21 PM
GOP needs a plan to initiate a campaign for a balanced budget constitutional amendment in 2/3rds of the state legislatures ... that is a constitutionally provided alternative to congress for amending the constitution. GOP already controls better than 1/2 of state legislatures, so achieving 2/3 is not such a stretch. Still would need ratification by 3/4 states, but takes away the power from Washington to either block creation or ratification. Most importantly, the fed gov will spend beyond it's revenues as long as it is permitted. The people need to take away their power to continue reckless borrowing.
With the Redskins playing the Monday night game and the National's still not having made a deal with their 1st baseman, Adam LaRoche, there's not much to think about here in Our Nation's Capital other than that pesky fiscal cliff.

Depending on what comes up in your Google search for "What will be the effect on GDP of the fiscal cliff" you get answers ranging from a drop of about 1.4 percent (NASDAQ) up to four percent (Washington Post).

Most of the guesses fall in the 3 - 3.5 percent range.

No matter how much the economy...