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The Surprising Gift of 'Zero Dark Thirty'

Dobermite Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 7:41 PM
My ignorance of film? I'll out my knowledge of the Golden Age up against yours any day of the week and clean your clock, Carl, and I am not an old man, the essentials and classics were made long before I was born, but I appreciate that era and those films because they were affirming of America and American values and western civilization and the Judeo-Christian ethos. I don't need in your face affirmation of that which I hold dear, but I need to know that those films and filmmakers had an affection and a respect for the things I hold dear, or at least they were not hostile to those things, and besides that they made damn good movies too, way better than most of the garbage Hollywood makes today.

When it comes to Kathryn Bigelow’s “Zero Dark Thirty,” there are two kinds of people-- those who have seen it and those who should.

Emerging from any theater afterward, there will be two kinds of people-- those who grasp that enhanced interrogations save lives, and those who do not.

As a longtime member of the first group, I was gratified to the point of surprise that a product out of Hollywood depicted our harshest interrogations without an accompanying ham-fisted condemnation.

But the even greater praise for “Zero Dark Thirty” is that nor does it grab you by the lapels and...