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On Russia's Adoption Ban

Dobermite Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 5:58 AM
I think there's another reason thats gone unstated. The Soviet Union imported Cultural Marxism to the west, but now Russia is rejecting Cultural Marxism for itself having felt its devastating effects. Not only are they dialing back on abortion, but also on issues like gay marriage and gay adoption. Putin is not having it and he's jailing the cultural anarchists who lobby for such measures. That said, with America embracing gay marriage and gay adoption, the latter pretty much going unchallenged, it stands to reason Putin, who is steadfastly against such arrangements, would look for reasons to limit Russian adoptions for Americans. Its sad to say, but at least in part Russia now views America has too decadent for Russian children.

Editor’s note: A longer version of this article first appeared at National Catholic Register.

Vladimir Putin has sparked international outcry by banning adoptions of Russian children by American families. His action immediately halted the departure of hundreds of Russian orphans about to board planes to journey to a new life. It was a cruel move, widely condemned as “callous” and “vindictive.”

No country adopts as many Russian children as America. According to the State Department, there have been 60,000 adoptions by American couples since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. That has now suddenly ended.

Why would Putin...