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Maybe Rove Has a Point

Dobermite Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 8:11 AM
Oh and one more thing, Panda, Rove didn't crush a damn thing, he was being interviewed by a colleague at Fox and frankly Hannity is intimidated by Rove. If Rove wants to be a man, let him go on Levin's show and they can spend an hour in debate, I'm sure Levin would welcome that debate, and if Rove is too chicken, I'm sure Levin would agree to meet Mr. Potatohead on Hannity and they can square off for the whole hour right there ... then we'll see who would get crushed. Mark Levin would steamroll that duplicitous jerk, thats why he would NEVER have the baIIs to step into the lions den with great one.
Let's put ideology aside for a moment.

Karl Rove, architect of the George W. Bush-era Republican victories, says he's sick of fanatics running his party into the ground. So he's devised a strategy to pre-emptively sink unelectable candidates early in the process. He's formed a new super PAC to implement this strategy. It's called the Conservative Victory Project, and it's led by a guy named Steven Law, who was the head of another super PAC, called American Crossroads, which went something like 0-7 in the 2012 election cycle. (Not that anyone's counting.)

Grass-roots conservatives, needless to say, are quite perturbed. "I'm filing the...

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