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Chick-Fil-A Worker Verbally Assaulted by Guy Who Hates Hate

Dobermite Wrote: Aug 02, 2012 5:15 PM
Awww, isn't this thread cute, the homos are all upset because CFA made a gazillion dollars yesterday. Awww, poor babies, it was like having gay marriage struck down on the ballot for the millionth time, only a trillion times worse, cause this time it was out in the open, hoards of normal human-beings sticking it too the gay mafia while enriching their latest target beyond his wildest dreams. That had to be sooooooo painful for the sodomites to watch.
Dobermite Wrote: Aug 02, 2012 5:17 PM
And let this be a lesson to the rest of you business owners out there, if you will stand firm with God and not be intimidates by the gay mafia and their MSM allies, God will bless your businesses and enrich you beyond your wildest dreams.

Yesterday at a Chick-Fil-A in Tucson, Ariz. a man named Adam Smith, who is reportedly an adjunct lecturer at the University of Arizona, made it a point to visit the restaurant so he could milk the company for a free water while verbally assaulting a nice young woman working there. He pulls up to the window, asks for the free water and the abuse begins. Ironically (or in typical liberal form), Smith claimed he's against hate, yet proceeds to tell the woman that the corporation she works for donates to hate groups and that he doesn't understand how she lives...