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In Defense of Brad Pitt's Mom

Dobermite Wrote: Jul 11, 2012 6:54 AM
Its called repressive tolerance, or as Marcuse deceptively called it, liberating tolerance. Marcus, as I explained below, was a Marxist theoretician and a founding father of Cultural Marxism (Critical Theory, Political Correctness, etc.), he really was an evil genius, and repressive tolerance was another of his inventions, the idea being to repudiate conservative ideas and make them unacceptable for polite conversation, thus marginalizing the idea without having to actually debate it.
oldnjal Wrote: Jul 11, 2012 7:34 AM
Fast and Furious Holder seems a student of these theories, also.
He told a woman's group, I believe while working for Clinton, that Americans should be brainwashed against gun possession.
Fast and Furious might have helped in the brainwashing, if a true Patriot had not died.
Then we have the champion of Oval Office Transparency pulling a cover-up, hoping the whole issue will go away. I trust Issa will continue imitating a bulldog.
Hollywood and the American left love diversity, except when it offends their "progressive" value system.

Witness the reaction to actor Brad Pitt's mother, Jane, who publicly opposed President Obama's re-election. Mrs. Pitt's pro-life, anti-gay marriage statement to her local paper last week enflamed the Tolerance Mob. And her mere expression of dissident political views exposed the glittering hypocrisy of the left-wing "No H8" campaign.

In a letter to the editor for Missouri's Springfield News-Leader, Mrs. Pitt responded to another reader who argued that Christians should not support Mitt Romney because of his Mormon faith. Arguing for interfaith tolerance, she praised Romney's "high morals"...