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God and Jeb at CPAC

Dobermite Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 1:08 PM
Andy, even worse than Beckel and Williams, because at least they are clear about who they are as well as their intentions, so I can live with the leftist POV from these two characters, but even worse, much worse, is that Fox News has given Karl Rove, the sworn enemy of the Tea Party and authentic Reagan conservatives, a massive forum by which he can pursue our demise, and the guy is on every show, they have basically given him the run of the place and none of his colleagues ever challenge him in any meaningful way, including Hannity. Ironically the only person at Fox to look Rove in the eye and call him what he is was Bob Woodward, a left leaning journalist, but he's the only one to tell Rove he is behaving like a Soviet apparatchik.

John McCain’s presidential campaign manager from four years ago, Steve Schmidt, has compared the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) to the “Star Wars bar scene.”

Reflecting on the dysfunctional 2008 freak show that passed for a campaign against Barack Obama, Mr. Schmidt would know.

The conference’s problem, for many longtime participants, is not the diversity and raucous freedom one might expect to find in a social club on an alien planet. The quandary is that what is now the largest gathering of conservative activists in the nation has wandered far from its original intent, which was a rejection...