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Dr. Brown, I love you, I really do, you are truly a man of God and you have a wonderful heart, honestly you are everything I wish I could be in my walk with Christ but there is a side of me that is just too combative, perhaps its my upbringing and something I will never entirely lose, I hope God will excuse me this fault, but I have to tell you, I think your appeal to the better angels of Obama's nature, nobel though it may be, is being wasted on a man whose heart is hardened against Christians unlike anyone who has ever sat in the Oval Office before him. I believe he knows exactly what he is doing, completely understands the ramifications of his actions for people of faith, and that is exactly what he intends. This man, in my view, is seething with hatred for Christians, thus when he cannot use the IRS to target them, he will use his infamous phone and pen.
The problem with that is, todays youth has been indoctrinated to reject Christianity as well. The Cultural Marxists have largely succeeded in portraying Christianity as bigoted and oppressive, so they have essentially removed the seed of faith from the hearts of the young, which would make another Great Awakening highly unlikely. Nothing is impossible with God, but the Cultural Marxists have worked very hard to insure that religious revival is not likely.
KY, I wish I could say Doug is right, but I'm afraid Doug is engaging in wishful thinking. This younger generation has been so inundated with political correctness (i.e. Cultural Marxism), that have been so indoctrinated to believe that traditional western civilization is both evil and oppressive, their view of reality has been so distorted, that nothing we say can bring them back, just as Yuri Bezmenov (former KGB and expert in the art of cultural subversion) tried to warn us back in the late 70's and early 80's. He told us that once the subversion is complete, nothing you say can undo the indoctrination. At that point, Bezmenov warned, you could lay out in precise detail exactly how they were indoctrinated, the subversives can even admit it was by design, and it won't matter. To lift the veil from the eyes of todays millennials will take an act of God, thus in my view only another Great Awakening can save America now. Nothing else will suffice.
Doug, I hate to break it to you, but its over. The only thing left thats hanging on to the America the founders had in mind are the old fogies like you and me, and the even older fogies than us. That generation is almost gone and ours will not be far behind them, after that its 'Game, Set & Match' for America because the millennials have completely rejected traditional western civilization (i.e. Christian Culture). They have been thoroughly indoctrinated to believe the America you and I cherish, which is quickly disappearing, was racist and oppressive and the sooner we put it in our rearview mirror the better. This generation is exactly what the 60's and 70's counterculture had in mind when they derisively warned; "we will capture your children." MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
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Apology to an Anti-Chicken Bigot

Dobermite Wrote: Jul 18, 2014 4:14 PM
LOL Mike Adams is the man!!
Incidentally its in the Jews best interest to expose people like Schumer, because Chuck Schumer and likeminded anti-Chirstian bigots are the antis-semites best friend. He's not fooling anyone. Just because people are silent, that doesn't mean they are fooled. They know he is a Jew who is seething with hatred for Christians. By not speaking out against his bigotry, Jews of good will allow the anti-Semites to portray all Jews as sharing Schumer's antipathy for Christians.
For too long people have been reluctant to speak the truth about this because they don't want to be perceived as antisemitic, but unless you are blind you can see very clearly that there are a number of Jews in this country that have a pathological antipathy for Christians and even the slightest outward display of Christianity, and they are sincerely committed to persecuting Christians and eradicating Christianity, these people come in the spirit of the Pharisees, and Chuck Schumer embodies this malevolence towards Christians. Unfortunately this will never be stopped until other Jews of good will expose their anti-Christian bigots like Schumer and publicly call them out. If Christians do it it won't have the same impact. It has to come from other prominent Jews who know EXACTLY what is going on here and are reluctant to say it.
There's no such thing as a pro life democrat. Bottom line, if you are pro life you are repulsed by the democrat party, which is essentially the abortion party. Any democrat who claims to be pro life is just mouthing platitudes, but is not really committed to the pro life cause in their heart of hearts.
Obama is a Marxist who is seething with hatred for traditional America, so his instincts are always to do that which is contemptuous of patriotic Americans. Therefore I expect this Bergdahl affair to be whitewashed, otherwise he'll be pardoned, but I don't believe Obama will ever let it get that far, the fix is already in.
Why would you even ask that question of conservatives, while liberals are actively, AS WE SPEAK, controlling so many areas of your life, via the unelected regulatory bodies, that its impossible to list them all? They are even in your car (seat belt laws) and home (size of your toilets, wattage of your light bulbs etc.), they go with you to the restaurant and make sure there's nowhere for you to smoke accept outside and down the block, and the list is endless ... but you ask that question of conservatives? Thats why I despise libertarians, because they are conditioned to accept the ACTUAL TYRANNY of the left, while they fret over some mythical theocracy the right wishes to create because they believe babies have a right to life and that some things are immoral and should not be endorsed or promoted by the government, not that they want to be in the privacy of your bedroom.
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Left Moves to Outlaw Christianity

Dobermite Wrote: Jul 14, 2014 2:43 PM
This is exactly right. Most Americans do not even realize that the cultural-sexual revolution in the 1960's was in fact a Cultural Marxist revolution, its primary purpose being to set into motion the gradual de-Christianzation of America and the west.
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