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History's Greatest Event

Dobermite Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 1:33 AM
Its not only his family, all of the Apostles were executed for their faith, some crucified upside down, some stoned to death, but all brutal executions that they saw coming and could have prevented had they simply denounced the Gospel (Good News) of the Risen Christ, and this was their story, they were the ones who were telling the story of what they themselves had seen with their own eyes, including the Risen Christ, so they too would have known in their heart of hearts if they were dying for a lie, and yet each and every one of them chose death to disavowing the Gospel of the Risen Christ.
Yes its down.
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Who Really Won the Cold War?

Dobermite Wrote: Apr 04, 2014 10:13 PM
Indeed John, it all traces back to the Frankfurt School (of which Munzenberg was a member), Cultural Marxism and how it was unleashed on the west, predominately during the cultural/sexual revolution of the 1960's and continuing till this day in the form of political correctness and repressive tolerance. American culture, or what we used to call western civilization, was subverted and intentionally corrupted by the forces of Cultural Marxism, the primary purpose being the de-Christianization of the west.
Guy acts like he's shocked that the left would put out a hit on this man for opposing gay marriage, when the truth is it was entirely predictable, and its only the beginning. Marxism, in any form (classical or cultural), demands absolute conformity, OR ELSE, and eventually it always gets around to the "or else."
Guy, How many times in the past did I try to tell you that this is Cultural Marxism and it demands absolute conformity? How many times did I tell you the lefts idea of tolerance is "repressive tolerance", a tentacle of Cultural Marxism, which loosely defined means tolerance of ideas and movements that emanate from the left, but a fierce intolerance of ideas and movements that emanate from the right? How many times did I tell you that by supporting homosexual marriage and sticking your thumb in the eye of traditionalists and paleocons, you are essentially giving aid and comfort to the enemy? Has this episode taught you anything and do you finally get what this is all about?
Incidentally Dr. Brown does not care one bit if he is "isolated", just like the early Christians did not care if they were treated as outcasts and criminals in the ancient province of Judea. So long as Dr. Brown knows he stands with Jesus, thats all he needs to satisfy him, and when his life is done he will hear the only words of approval any Christian wished to hear; "My good and faithful servant." You, on the other hand, may hear the four most horrifying words in the whole entirety of the scriptures; "I never knew you."
toot .. you can "toot" your horn now.
A falling away from the faith was prophesied 2000 years ago. The tremendous growth of Christianity, which essentially usher in western civilization, and its eventual decline in the last days, all of it was prophesied and all of it must come to pass. But that doesn't mean your side is winning. I've read the end of the book and in the end all those who fell away from or rejected the faith will be cast into the lake of fire for all of eternity. So you can took your horn now and celebrate the death of western civilization, but your celebration will be short lived and you haven't won anything.
To break that down in simple terms, McCarthy, when I watch a show like "ancient aliens", which BTW is fascinating in my view, but when I watch that show I realize that everything they are saying makes perfect sense, only their "source" to explain certain mysteries is incorrect. They believe it his alien beings from other planets who visited the earth in antiquity that explains those things we cannot explain, like the pyramids, but I believe its explain in scripture with the accounts of the nephilim, and expounded upon in ancient literature we call "mythology."
I'm not trying to set myself up as the possessor of all wisdom, its not about that, I'm just saying the account of Noah goes much deeper than what appears on the surface and explains a great deal in history that we don't quite understand, and without this understanding people are susceptible to a myriad of deceptions to describe that which requires an explanation, like for example, how the heck could the ancient Egyptians build the great pyramids. We know that its impossible for the Egyptians to have built the pyramids, so we can fall prey to deceptions like "the ancient aliens" theory, but if you understand that indeed there were aliens in the world at that time, with great strength and great knowledge, perhaps even the power to perform what we would call miracles, things that defy the laws of physics to which they were not bound, and if you know that the Scriptures actually support the great (so-called) mythologies in that regard, then you don't need to hypothesize stories of aliens from other planets to explain the seemingly unexplainable in antiquity.
"Also, when you read the accounts of Greek mythology or Nordic myhology or Egyptian mythology to Mayan mythology and the list is endless, all of these accounts are similar to Homer's Iliad, they all tell the same tales of mortal women mating with "the gods" (pagans worshiped demons as gods, to them these fallen angels were gods) and creating this super hybrid race of beings (Hercules, Gilgamesh, Thor etc.), and all of these accounts fall perfectly in line with the Biblical accounts of the nephilim." = Just to be clear, the Scriptures tell us these nephilim were the mighty men of old, "the men of renown." Thats why I believe all of these accounts that we call fiction or mythology, which speaks of mighty men of renown, the offspring of mortal women and "the gods", are in fact the accounts of the nephilim described in the Scriptures.
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