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So once again they lend their tacit if not vocal approval to this wannabe Dictator, just like they've done repeatedly since he took office, even twisting themselves into pretzels to protect this despotic regime when they sic'ed the IRS on average American citizens, and more evidence is surfacing that a number of Democrats in Congress were in on the scheme, also encouraging the IRS to attack their political opponents. And of course they have sat by idly and watched this Federal Gov't viciously attack Christians and threaten to put them out of business if they refuse to conform and comply to their totalitarian form of Political Correctness, aka Cultural Marxism. So in closing we don't have a Barack Obama problem, we have a Democrat Party problem, and Tuesday, THANK GOD, was one small indication that the American people may finally be waking up to this reality. If so and God willing, we have a chance to restore western civilization and finally put this nightmare behind us. And if not, if this was but a minor blip on our march towards cultural and political suicide, and the fools go right back to electing Democrats, then I weep for my country because these malevolent SOB's we call Democrats are not even close to finishing what they started in the 1960's. If you think this country is depraved now, nothing like the country you see in those old black & white movies, where virtue, morality and ethics were respected and not mocked, when marriage and the traditional family were viewed as backbones of western civilization, when pop culture was not a constant barrage of nihilism and filth, you ain't seen nothing yet. Keep electing Democrats and you'll find out how much further they can push this envelop.
I mostly agree, Hawk, this election had little to do with Republicans and a lot to do with Barack Obama, only in my view the repudiation extended way beyond just Obama. People need to understand something, the voters did not only repudiate Barack Obama in this election, they repudiated the entire Democrat Party (aka the Cultural Marxist and Socialist Party) at every level (Senate, House, Governorships, State Legislatures etc.), heck the American people even elected Republican dog catchers!, and it was NOT all about Barack Obama. Granted this lawless, despotic, would-be King was a big part of the reason why his party got massacred on Tuesday, but he was not the only reason. The truth is, the whole damn Democrat Party has been radicalized and people are slowly waking up to this reality, and there's no greater proof of this than the Democrat Party's response to his threatening executive amnesty for millions of illegals only a day after their ideology took its worse beating since the old Soviet Union collapsed, largely because of stunts like this one and the Democrats walking lock-step with this Manchurian Marxist. So let us be clear, its not only Obama who didn't learn a damn thing from this election, its the entire Democrat Party. Of course there are some exceptions, but generally speaking this man is already threatening his most reckless and lawless act since Obamacare (another scheme the Democrats in Congress helped him ram thru on a straight party line vote before the incoming GOP House could stop it), and the silence is deafening coming from the Democrat side, particularly the leadership of the Democrat Party, so one can only surmise that they either support this latest act of despotism or they are indifferent, and we all knows its way more of the former, not that the latter would make them much better considering they are supposed to protect the Constitution, the Rule of Law and most especially their own institution if they serve in Congress, but they sit back and say nothing while this megalomanic steamrolls the separation of powers.
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Dobermite Wrote: Nov 06, 2014 1:27 AM
"The Chicken in Every Pot Act" LOL Good one, Hunter.
Not a time for celebration? The hell it isn't ... The Marxists haven't taken a beating like this since the old Soviet Union collapsed. If thats not cause for celebration, nothing is.
I agree, but in 64 the country wasn't ready for a conservative revolution, the country was just getting acquainted with the new left and the counterculture (Cultural Marxists) was just getting started, and the average American was still under the impression that the MSM was fair and impartial and had America's best interest at heart, so Reagan could not have been elected in 64 or even 74, but by 1980 the country has awoken to the disaster that was the counterculture and were fully aware of the degree to which the media was corrupt and in the tank for the left, so the time was right for Reagan to win a national election by a landslide and take the fight to the political and cultural elites. If this electorate doesn't have a similar epiphany, and that means a sharp turn to the right, including young people, then it wouldn't matter if we resurrected Reagan in his prime, the country has to want another Reagan first.
In plain English, 90% of these so-called journalists are trained leftists, trained in America's elite J-schools and universities, now they are doing exactly what they were indoctrinated to do, protect, defend and promote leftists, while demonizing conservatives, traditionalists and western civilization.
Exactly right, and thats because the Cultural Marxists figured out a long time ago that you don't need to make violent revolution to overthrow a country, all you need is to capture that countries institutions, like the J-Schools for instance, indoctrinate the masses, and they will do the rest via cultural and political subversion. This was Antonio Gramsci's idea, "the long march through the institutions", but into place by various members of the Frankfurt School, most prominently Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno, Eric Fromm and Max Horkheimer.
Charles Krauthammer had it exactly right, if the GOP can't make BIG GAINS in this environment, with this lawless, despotic Marxist we call a President urinating on the Constitution daily and threatening more to come with executive amnesty (including for Ebola patients) and lord knows what else, and with his equally lawless Eric Holder trying to incite a race riot in this country, and with that equally lawless, arrogant and insufferable jerk (Harry Reid) we call a Senate Majority Leader, if the GOP can't wipe the floor with these Marxist despots now, then they need to find another country.
A conservative leader will rise up to fill the gap the moment millennials make a sharp right turn and legitimately embrace traditionalism and conservatism, and not a moment sooner. Reagan answered the call and he was a great leader, but by the early 80's the country as a whole, including young people, had enough of the counterculture and desperately wanted someone to take them on and beat their brains in.
So long as millennials continue to support abominations like gay marriage, they remain useful idiots for the left. Let me know when they embrace conservatism and the restoration of western civilization, i.e. Christian culture, the heritage that was stolen from them by the Cultural Marxists masquerading as liberals and progressives.
Attention Tom Harkin: DOWN BOY, settle down you dirty old man, trust me, she's not interested.
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