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An Open Letter to Mark Potok, Spokesman for the SPLC (Part I)

Dobermite Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 2:44 AM
And just to be clear on the question, what is a Jewish supremacist, a Jewish supremacist is a Jew who views the Gentiles with contempt, particularly Christians, and most especially white evangelical Christians, and to pretend these people do not exist is in and of itself an expression of Jewish supremacy, for it suggests the Jews, unlike the rest of humanity, are incapable of prejudice and hate. Now that is not an indictment of all Jews or even the majority, indeed it is a small minority, but such individuals do exist and you can see these characteristics written all over malevolent organizations like the SPLC, ACLU and ADL, but most especially the SPLC who are now actively trying to portray Christianity as synonymous with hate.
Dear Mr. Potok,

Because your organization has not responded to my previous attempts to interact and because the SPLC is coming under increasing public scrutiny, I am writing this open letter with the hope that you will respond. You should be familiar with my name, since I am on your list of “30 New Activists Heading Up the Radical Right” and since I was profiled in the Spring 2012 Intelligence Report (more on that shortly).

My desire in writing to you is not to be contentious, nor is it to embarrass you. Rather, it...