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I am glad, and in fact glad that Obamacare has brought this to the forefront, but this bill when fully enacted will bankrupt this country beyond belief. There are better ways to do those same things that helped you without causing the economic crisis this bill will bring upon American and citizens. People apply for welfare these days because there are no jobs, if there were many would also have insurance. Glad this helped you, but it is still Bad legislation that needs changed. Even the Republicans know they cannot just repeal this bill and not replace it, hopefully with something better that at least makes sense, but we will see about that
You obviously dont know all that is in this bill. The good parts, pre-existing conditions, Cobra payments, keeping your child up to age 26 on your insurance, all have been enacted. The really "good" things dont start until 2014. I am wondering how you are going to spin that when it all kicks in and you find that this health care you thought you were going to get never materializes, or at best you only have to wait 6 months to a year for it. Or they depending on your age it is determined that you are just not worth the investment and will be introduced to the death panel for counseling. Oh yes, Obamacare what a great deal...for those expemt under it like Obama, Congress, the Supreme Court...government and others. No shine
Obama doesnt need help to kill of any jobs, he has done a pretty good job at it so far. Where are all those shovel ready jobs, where are the Green energy jobs, where are the jobs period?
And democrats would just walk out and cry if they were there anyway
So, lets see: rather than concentrate on jobs and get the economy going Obama and the democrats spent their time working on a health care plan that most of us do not want. What we wanted was jobs, but oh no, not this administration or that congress; Instead let us spend billions on Green jobs that never materialized, huge bailouts that have not got the economy going again and many more regulations on business that actually stifles job growth. Nice run Democrats and Obama, you are way pathetic and I know you will lose because We are Awake
Perhaps he has just evolved as Obama has. Or is it only democrats, sociialists, communists, Islamists, marxists that evolve, everyone else flip flops. You are so funny. You have no clue what you are talking about. Interesting that you call him a bully for something he did 50+ years ago and yet we dont know hardly anything about Obama in his youth. Just stories and a composite of himself that he made up. Obama, citizen of Islam
So Repubs are talking about a tax raise and you call it Very selfish. So you must be pleased as all get out about the HUGE increase in taxes in Obamacare. 21 new taxes altogether. The largest tax increase in the history of the World!! And many of those taxes you will be paying for four years before you get any benefit. Oh yes, you must be so happy with your Obamacare. By the way you are getting old, well Obamacare can take care of that. You need a surgery, well what is the cost to benefit ratio....hmmm, sorry you are just going to have to go without. Also let me introduce you to our death panel so you can get some counseling before we deny you any care at all and let you die. That is Obamacare. I know, I have read this bill
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