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Do You Support “Anyone But Obama”?

DNT Wrote: Apr 23, 2012 9:55 PM
The very conservative element of the Republican Party may think it is righteous to back candidates based solely upon principal. Unfortunately their candidates will not get elected because the 6% in the middle elect the president, not those on the far right of the far left. Christians and ultra conservatives can break from the ranks, and become marginalized and basically not participate in government. I am in Delaware and saw that happen. Mike Castle wasn’t my ideal candidate but the Witch couldn’t win and now we have two far left Senators, thank you devoted right wingers.

Let’s assume that you stridently oppose the reelection of President Obama but you are just not sold on Governor Romney, the presumptive Republican candidate. Do you vote for Romney, since “anyone is better than Obama,” or do you chart a very different course, even sacrificing this election for the long term sake of the country?

Obama’s critics would tell us that we simply cannot afford four more years of his presidency, that his policies are destroying the very fabric of what makes America great, that he is undermining the economy, weakening the military, hurting us internationally, waging war against the...