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So Fake It’s Real: Global Warming is Reality TV for the Media Elite

dnoonan-miss Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 4:36 PM
I'm tired of reading so-called "mainstream" publications write articles as if man-caused global warming IS happening and how we're all destroying the earth (especially "Big Oil") etc etc. It has gotten almost comical in the way they go about writing as if it is not even something debateable. National Geograhic is one of those publications. Here in Arizona, we're in the midst of record low temperatures right now.. highs in the Phoenix areas barely making the mid-40's, and records being set for LOWS, since the 1980's. Following the way the libs do things, I guess we should claim this is GLOBAL COOLING and due to mankind we're now entering an ICE AGE??
Mike2065 Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 11:02 PM
Hey I live in Phoenix too.

I actually love the cooler weather.
Polly1 Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 8:15 PM
scarmack Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 3:52 PM
Sorry, Polly1, It's not settled by a long shot. It never is. Science will continue to be unsettling as long as people keep collecting the data. And even the numbers game that both sides use will continue to fluctuate. Science is a never-ending commitment to the "search" for truth or any human approximation thereof.
Cookie35 Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 6:17 PM
No, no, that is further proof of "Climate Change." Why do you think they changed it from Global Warming?
America is Over Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 5:17 PM
I cancel National Geo years ago.

Here’s my challenge to all the global warming apologists:

Explain to me why the “settled science” of global warming has to manipulate headlines to make information appear scarier and more threatening than the actual data shows.

If global warming is so settled, why do you and your friends take the opportunity to exaggerate, obfuscate and slant every piece of news that comes out to make it seem relevant to today?       

You can see an example of this in the headlines below:

Climate Change Main Contributor to Corn Volatility, Study Says” writes Bloomberg-BusinessWeek.