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Senator Barney Frank?

dnoonan-miss Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 2:19 AM
are you referring to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars where both parties unanimously were in support of taking the fight to terrorists and terror-supporting nations? Here is but a couple examples Sen. Levin(D-Michigan) "The War Against Terrorism Will Not Be Finished As Long As [Saddam Hussein] Is In Power." (CNN's "Late Edition," 12/16/01) •Sen. Clinton (D-NY): "[Saddam] Has Also Given Aid, Comfort, And Sanctuary To Terrorists, Including Al-Qaida Members, Though There Is Apparently No Evidence Of His Involvement In The Terrible Events Of September 11, 2001. ... This Much Is Undisputed." (Sen. Hillary Clinton, Congressional Record, 10/10/02, p. S10288)

It seems retired long-time Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank isn’t content with life outside of politics. (And he’s only been out of the public spotlight for one day!) In fact, on Friday morning he not only told Joe Scarborough and the rest of the Morning Joe crew that he was genuinely interested in serving as Massachusetts’ interim Senator -- until a special election is convened to fill John Kerry’s soon-to-be vacated Senate seat sometime next summer -- but that he’s made his request well known to the governor:

The day after his 32-year...