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Unions have been supporting DEMS and DEM causes for years now, no matter if it made any sense at all! Didn't matter to them as they just do what their leadership (and DEAR LEADER) tell them. I found out years ago, during the Bush administration, that the Teamsters and ILWU folks, were upset at President Bush for increasing the number of Border Patrol agents along the southern border. I thought it was odd that they were so opposed to that, being that those are union jobs and Bush was adding more of them, plus the fact that wouldn't you think unions would want to stop cheap foreign/illegal labor? Then I figured it out, the unions have been FOR OPEN BORDERS as they want the supply of illegals to continue so that MORE DEM VOTES ARE ACHIEVED. They are absolutely partisan hacks that are only looking to increase the power/control of the DEM party. They have zero care for their members/workers, they put the DEM PARTY above their membership time and again.
It's ironic that the term "liberal" was defined over a hundred years ago (in Europe) to mean having freedom of religion, freedom from govt tyranny, freedom from over-taxation, overregulation, freedom of the individual over the collective. Now, "liberals" are a gaggle of statists, Marxists, socialists, Eugenecists, Gay Activists etc. There is nothing "liberal" about their positions or philosophies, it is bent on Big Govt control and tyranny of the group over the individual.
Give Dear Leader, our 3rd world president, and his DOJ henchmen time. Also if you think there isn't at least a dozen activist-gay organizations chomping at the bit to force Christians Churches into toeing the line of the "new normal" then I've got swamp land I'd like to sell you in Arkansas.
all those equal rights you're getting your panties in a bunch about already exist. you can engage in your homosexual behavior to your hearts content, and you can have a civil union if you want. if you want to claim what you have is a "marriage" you're even entitled to call it that, but why do you have to insist on taking what truly married people (a man and woman) have, and changing the meaning just because you think it is your right?? That is the very meaning of ignorance, assininity and tyranny of the hate-filled leftist gay activism over the majority.
churches are feeding, clothing and housing literally millions of people on a daily basis, much more assistance than the Govt provides, and you're upset that they get tax exempt status? You are the very definition of feeble-minded, hate-filled and idiotic.
What are you talking about?...the "hate" being discussed in this article is the clear trend of the left-wing, along with their media shills, their entrenched Govt controllers, their hate-filled activist groups et all, against Christians. We all know it's happening, has been for quite some time. The whole gay activist thing is a fairly recent endeavor, but hatred of Christians by leftist retards is not a recent endeavor. These churches are correct in deciding they need to be very clear, that they are not going to stand for leftist activist hate groups imposing their views on people. Kudos to them. I rarely go to church but I'd never attend a church where they are actively allowing gay marriage, gay pastors, etc. It is a matter of personal belief. If Christians are not entitled to their personal beliefs, then what do we have in this country - tyranny. That is what the leftists are pushing for.
The harm done by this administration alone, is staggering. I'd love to see a study done by Heritage or some other organization on just how much economic damage has been done to the people of this great country by the Obama administration, and right before him, the years of Pelosi/Reid. It has to be countless billions/trillions of dollars of productivity, wealth, etc stolen by horrifically bad policies. How many people would have a job right now, for example, if we had a president that was pro-business, pro-freedom, pro-free markets, pro-capitalism, instead of the anti-business, big govt liberal dolt we've been suffering with? The numbers have to be astronomical, but the only thing we ever focus on, is how much we've spent (that we don't have), which is important, but I'd like to know how much we could have had, had we had sensible leadership, and not one bent on socialism.
I'm a conservative and pro-legalization and I agree as it simply doesn't make sense to ban a plant, from a conservative standpoint. We're supposed to be for smaller, less-intrusive govt, not for the overreaching, left-wing nanny state thought-control type of govt.
all drugs...yes, I agree, but marijuana is a plant that grows wild...there is zero reason for it to be prohibited.
huh? what? if you are alluding to the string of "unprecedented events" being the rising tide of socialism here in the country that has spawned a horrifically bad economy, people out of jobs, wages actually decreasing instead of increasing, etc then I'm understanding where you are coming from, but if you're trying to blame conservatives for the current dire state of affairs of our govt, our economy etc, then you are not intelligent enough to have a conversation with. I see you mentioned the "weather" being unprecedented? how? where? none of it is without precendent. I guess you consider the non-existent "global warming" to be the cause of "the weather"...?
I don't find him intellectually dishonest in this, I think he just has it in his mind that somehow the whole country will "go to pot" (pun intended) if a plant is legalized. It is a plant. It makes zero sense to have a ban on the use of a plant. It only makes sense if a company is using a plant and claiming it has health benefits or something...that is fraud. This is adults of legal age, either growing their own or purchasing it from a retailer, and using in the privacy of their home or in a legal manner in a social gathering (and not driving afterwards). That is what we're talking about and so far I've not seen a valid reason for why it remains illegal. It has to do with nanny-state govt really, that is the bottom line.
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