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Yes. There were a whole bunch of "peaceful, non-extremist" Germans too. That worked out well for the world.
Oh come on. they were just doing their job. Just following orders. :-P
No apology necessary. The truth always offends someone. Let them actually listen to the entire conversation then go and shut up.
Did you pass third grade English?
To paraphrase the last line in the movie "Chinatown"... Forget about it Jake. it's PG County.
There was a pro wrestler years ago named Abdullah the Butcher. I'm thinking there is a direct relationship.
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Is the Criminal Justice System Racist?

dnha14 Wrote: Aug 18, 2014 8:28 AM
"Is the Criminal Justice System Racist?" Of course it is. Eric Holder is in charge.
Can someone threaten to buy this guy a brain, already?
Who the heck is this guy? He's not an elected official. Well at least not anymore. Why is he trying to make law and policy? Maybe it's because after a highly illegal third term, he has all this free time to meddle in other peoples' affairs. So I guess, in actuality, he's just another Democrat one-percenter trying to ram his agenda down everyone's throats. He's not a Democrat, you say? Could have fooled me.
"the typical tunnel cost $1 million" If those idiots in Gaza would use that money to build resort hotels on the Mediterranean, they might actually begin to have a thriving economy of their own.
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