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Obama? Building something on lies? Say it ain't so! Oh my!
Not racism and hatred of the poor. It is hatred of punk elitist academics that think they know what I want and need. By the way I don't care what flavor the punk elitists come in, I hate them equally.
Chained to their bed? Really?????
That's how stupid the Democrats are. I knew Obama and Pelosi were screwing them over 6 years ago. The Democrats are just figuring this out.
Only nearly half? That's disgusting.
That's why Obamacare includes pregnancy benefits for all, including seniors. If seniors had an actual choice, they would chose the plan without pregnancy benefits. Oops, under Obamacare, they don't exist. Those seniors are so stupid for choosing the plan with pregnancy benefits. Thanks Grubber.
Are they now issuing fire extinguishers to his Secret Service detail for when his pants burst into flames?
Still lying, after all these years.
At least there are a few intelligent human beings at Dartmouth. I can't say the same for the likes of Zachary Myslinski ’15.
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Lame-Duck Congress Begins

dnha14 Wrote: Nov 10, 2014 12:00 PM
Really? The old congress votes on the new leaders? No way that should happen.
Guess what feminists, the Republican women can't stand you either, however, they do have tolerance for your points of view and beliefs.
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