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And I thought it was only men that thought below the waist. :-P
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Why Lie? We are at War with Mexico

dnha14 Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 8:59 AM
Amen! I've been saying it for years. The immediate problem is not China, Russia, Iran or the world in general. It is Mexico and it should be dealt with swiftly and firmly. If we got serious, it would probably take 2 days, at most, to put them in their place.
"Schumer better not hold his breath waiting..." But I hope he does.
Sorry, I knew that. Bad fingers.
Because as the recent confrontation between citizens and the immigration buses in Murietta, CA shows, the administration is doing all it can to provoke some kind of violent backlash to its policies so it can say, "See these people are really violent idiots and we have to take action." That action will be marshal law and the suspension of liberties, and possibly and election or two. The locals need all this surplus equipment from the intentionally downgraded military to better control the populace once the administration does its Hitler thing.
Actions, not words. Actions! Let's actually see it happening.
No apologies. It is time for war against our most dangerous enemy, Mexico. It's time to get their act together for them. Apology indeed! Where the heck did they think they were and who the heck did they think they were shooting at? Why the heck were they even shooting at anyone? This was an intentional breech of international borders.
Not to worry. They will get it back when they audit them in a few years.
The only thing this election proves is that many polls I have read are correct. Mississippi IS the stupidest state in the Nation. Between the law that allows Democrats to vote in a Republican primary, vice-verse too, and the fact that they still want an 80+ year old, old school power broker, to represent them in the Senate, once again the voters get what they deserve. Hey, I'm closer to 80 than I am to 40, but these old codgers like Cochran and Rangel, et al, have got to go.
Even Todd Akin was smart enough not to say the same stupid thing twice.
Except Bill is wearing the shirt.
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