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It might be that the Dems are trying to make everyone in Louisiana to forget that there is a run-off, get them disinterested and win in a low turnout by a 284-257 vote.
Looks like that person in the picture could use some training with that weapon. That is a very uncomfortable look on the face.
That's called beating them. More votes is beating them.
Ever been at an ATM and you keep pushing the screen and it's not doing what you want, but then you touch a little below and it works? That is calibration error. Of course at a bank, when they get enough complaints they recalibrate the screen so that the touch and the button image line up. If they can be calibrated, they can be uncalibrated. They set the calibration so that when you touch the Republican spot, the screen thinks you are touching the Democrat spot. If you press below the Republican spot, the vote will be correct. This is how they recalibrate the machines to get more Democratic votes. Be careful. Look at the X's in the boxes and make sure they are what you want before you hit that "Register Vote" button. They are trying to cheat, but we can beat them just by taking an extra second to make sure. Be aware. Be very aware.
But, but, but he never knows anything until he sees it on the news.
Due to costs? So it's cheaper to pay printing and postage to mail ballots to everyone than it is to do nothing and just let people go to the polls?
Wow, I hope there is no major medical breakthroughs that will allow me to live long enough to see these little c***s in charge.
If the shooters were white, we will know their names in an hour or so. If they were muzzies we might be waiting a while for details.
Work Progress Director Meredith Hicks and her ilk will end up being the Fort Sumter of modern times. Anyone that believes more than one vote is ok should be tarred and feathered then drawn and quartered. Wow, talk about something being awesome. And why are all these ballots sent out in the first place? Do people request them or are they just sent out knowing they will be tossed and this sort of thing will happen.
I didn't unfriend anyone. Since my entire family is liberal and I got tired of the political garbage postings, I cancelled my Facebook account. Who needs that stuff (Facebook) anyway? I'm sorry I ever gave that evil geek my email address.
Just wait. As soon as some company doesn't hire one of these illegals, Perez and the DOJ will sue the c r a p out of them for discrimination. And all you b u t t w a d s that voted for this creep...twice for lord's sake.., I have a one-finger salute for all of you.
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