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Yeah, we lowered every other standard in this country, why not this one?
But if he doesn't get his way with his immigration order, he will just pardon them all on January 19, 2017. I hope someone has a ready defense for that. Stevie Wonder can see this one coming.
I've had it! I just tore up my Republican voting card. Republicans, would you please grow a pair. Does Obama have pictures of all of you with sheep or something? We gave you the majority in the Senate so you could finally do something about this tyranny and you have failed miserably. I am now of the opinion that you are in total cahoots with the Democrats and your Kabuki political theater is becoming more and more irritating. You lost me. I'm gone. Third party time. Clean house time.
Not that adding 7 votes to the total would have brought it up to 60, but I ask...WHERE THE HECK WERE THE 7 SENATORS THAT DIDN'T VOTE? Isn't this issue important enough to get their attention, no matter what side they are on?
That's why ISIL means ISLAMIC State in Levant. If they just wanted to start a terrorist state, not an Islamic state, it should actually be TSIL. But but but they are calling themselves Islamic. What am I missing? And yeah not all Muslims are like these idiots, but these idiots do call THEMSELVES Islamic. Obama calls himself President. Does that mean he is not the President?
This is a perfect example of educational brainwashing taking place in our schools and universities. Unless something radical happens, she is ruined for life. The soulless, glazed over eyes is a giveaway.
Bush or Clinton...I will NOT vote for a dynasty.
So now we need to rely on two long shots, the Republicans finding a decent candidate and the population of Nevada to come to their senses. Wonder what the odds in Vegas are for either.
Did he get the Emperor's permission?
Obama is irritated when he opens his eyes in the morning. So what else is new(s)?
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