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We have met the enemy and it is us. Walt Kelly
The season? How about the last 6 years?
Sorry. I used to think like that. I'll vote in the primary and if a conservative doesn't win, I stay home in November. The lesser of two evils is still evil. And unless Boehner and McConnell either grow a pair or get voted out of office, I don't think I will ever change my mind...and I have not missed a primary or general since I started voting in 1972. I think a good third party conservative candidate that can take a few states and not let a candidate get an electoral majority might be just the thing to wake up the country.
I don't care if I agree with him on every issue and he turns out to be my best friend. I am not voting for another Bush just on principle. I refuse to turn this country into a "rule by heritage" electoral monarchy. No more Tudors, Stuarts, Windsors or Bushes...or Clintons for that matter.
One does not have to be armed to pose a threat. There are plenty of people out there that can kill with their bare hands.
And then there is the recent story in Baltimore. Black suspect, with long record and violent history getting stopped by a cop. I have no idea of the cop's race. A later story shows that the suspect should have been in jail, except for an incompetent judge and probation officer. The suspect was not cooperating and advancing on cop. Cop tries to stop subject with TASER. Suspect shoots cop with concealed gun. Cop is in hospital and expected to survive his wound. My opinion is that he used the taser because of all the recent hullabaloo regarding police shootings. He should have used his gun. He would have saved himself a hospital visit and relieved society of a problem. It's not race. It's stupid thugs.
Pleas! Please! Let him be the nominee.
Can she be arrested for torturing us? I'm getting tired of being Flukeboarded.
If it comes down to Jeb and Hillary, there better be a third choice or I'm sitting home for the first time ever. I started voting in 1972.
The unintended consequences might be that by losing their S.S. (LOL) benefits, they might have to go on welfare and we still pay the baggage for these creeps.
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