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Video: Israeli Spokesman Schools MSNBC Host

dnha14 Wrote: 10 hours ago (3:58 PM)
"the typical tunnel cost $1 million" If those idiots in Gaza would use that money to build resort hotels on the Mediterranean, they might actually begin to have a thriving economy of their own.
He will have to argue that "state" means the entire totalitarian state. Bet that will go over well with the peeps.
So now the administration should not have any problems with the lawsuit in progress now that questions the validity of some subsidies unless the exchange is set up by the STATE. Hopefully it will be difficult for them to argue that in one case they understand the meaning of "state" and in the other case they can claim to be clueless.
Best thing that could happen. Split the Dumbocrat vote.
The problem is that this woman cannot understand normal thinking.
It is easy to understand why she can say those things. She is a person that can't understand normal thinking.
He's been treated differently because he has acted differently with regard to the welfare of the Nation. No other president has willfully undermined the Nation as much as this one.
INS, can you make sure his hair stylist never gets a work visa in this country? Pleaseeeeee?
Sorry. Josh not Jay. I'm living in the past.
Keep saying it Jay and soon even YOU will actually believe it.
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