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Am I feeling a cage match in the near future?
So the buck stops at the Chief of Staff? Who knew?
Hey Dean, Take off the freaking blinders already.
So now he's all worried about "States' Rights." Tell me another one.
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Why is Jeb Bush smiling?

dnha14 Wrote: Jan 07, 2015 11:44 AM
You stole my thunder. If Bush is the nominee, the Republicans are done. Too many will stay home and the Democrats will take everything. Another Bush candidacy will destroy the party and maybe the country.
Want to? They already are. Now they can do it on the streets and not be bothered.
So if the voters vote against same sex marriage, that can go to court and be overturned because the people are stupid and bigoted. However, if they vote for legalizing drugs, the elected officials change their mind because it is the will of the people. I'm confused. LOL
She had breast implants before she was 20? That proves she is insane.
"How can building homes in Jerusalem be condemned on par with the actions of nations repeatedly engaged in aggressive and murderous violence towards their own civilian populations with absolutely no regard for human rights?“ Simple. We live in Obama's Bizarro world. Or wonderland, or whatever you might want to call it.
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