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The only intelligence he needs is which way the green breaks.
Really? Obama can't even spin the BS like these creators. This is absolutely Hillary propaganda. It will subliminally implant into the ignorant masses' brains that a blond woman was the greatest Secretary of State in the history of the country. This is a pure, evil attempt at thought control. The psychology consultants to the show must be making millions.
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NC SEN: Tillis Faces Obstacles In New Poll

dnha14 Wrote: Sep 19, 2014 7:53 AM
Great. Billionaires buying ads for a candidate accusing the other candidate of answering to billionaires.
This list is so incomprehensible that I'm surprised Jeb Bush isn't on it. I usually like John's lists, but this one has a bunch of typos.
The perfect place for this guy is his picture in the dictionary right next to the definition of what he is.
I guess the guys can't win any more.
Caved? Of course they have. They WANT amnesty, they just don't want to admit it to their base. So, they let Obama do it "on his own" so they can try to energize their base that sees right through their BS. Hey Republicans, that's not energizing you base, that's disenfranchising your base. You really need to learn the difference. Anyone out there listening? Boehner? Rubio? Ryan? McConnell?
Lets just require a trip to the lawyer's office to sign a contract before they can shack up after having a few drinks. The slip and fall guys could even set up booths on the street to catch the patrons as they leave the bars to go home. Each campus could also have an area set aside for lawyer's booths where the contracts can be signed, for a fee of course. This contract would be the only protection a guy has against a false claim of rape, so it would be in his best interests to pay and get it signed. So no instead of paying for sex, we would now pay for permission to have sex. I tell you, I'm glad I'm getting old so I don't have to live to see what this world becomes.
Yes. There were a whole bunch of "peaceful, non-extremist" Germans too. That worked out well for the world.
Oh come on. they were just doing their job. Just following orders. :-P
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