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Bloomberg's Next Target: Styrofoam

dnha14 Wrote: Feb 14, 2013 3:41 PM
Is he talking about the material that we use in all of our "green" buildings to make them energy efficient? He wants to ban that stuff? It is one of the most energy efficient materials used to insulate buildings and make them more energy efficient, use less fuel and produce less carbon. The liberals should love this stuff.

He's already banned big gulps from New York City and he's on a nation wide campaign to ban guns, but Michael Bloomberg has a new ban target, styrofoam.

Bloomberg plans to use part of his Thursday State of the City address to push for a ban on Styrofoam food packaging. He also will call for initiatives that would increase the number of parking spaces for electric cars and begin recycling more plastics and food waste

"One product that is virtually impossible to recycle and never bio-degrades is Styrofoam ... something that we know...