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American Optimism Must Be Renewed

DMZuniga Wrote: Jul 06, 2012 12:42 AM
To learn more about why elections can't change anything now...and how AmericaAgain! will help Americans show the world how popular sovereignty can turn the tables against corruption, see this blog: or go to our website to learn more. We're not quite ready to take members, but just read the AmericaAgain! Declaration and you'll see why I'm so optimistic. Only America has a Constitution capable of rendering its creators -- We The People -- once more the masters over our lives, and over our public servants. D.M. Zuniga, P.E. Founder, AmericaAgain! Trust

There is something special about looking forward to something. Knowing that there is something good that is going to happen, or even might happen, gives us a reason to get up a bit earlier and work a bit harder. Optimism is the fuel that leads us to put our noses to the grindstone and persevere in the face of the inevitable setbacks.

Without optimism, we wind up looking at temporary setbacks as unscalable, permanent obstacles. What we might be able to overcome becomes too much to attempt. When we have no hope, we have no reason to work hard, to push...