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Great list. Too bad i don't think it has a chance with the current leadership republican or democrat controlled congress.
I look forward to the day where i have something similar to this in my kitchen. My ideal day (when i don't want to cook (AKA grill)) is wake up, program in what i want for dinner so when i come home from work it's all set to go and i just need to take it out of the finished product containment area and eat it. I bet this will be available in the next 30 years even.
I gotta agree with Obama on this one. A college degree isn't always the smartest thing to get when trying to land a good job. History, French literature, English, ect ect majors just don't have a valued skill for the marketplace (outside of teaching). You'd be way better off getting a solid trade skill such as welding, manufacturing, A&P license, construction and numerous others. For quite a bit less than a 4-year degree at a liberal arts college. For example, i have an A&P, landed a good job, they then paid me to get my EE and now i'm working on my MBA (ZERO college debt). Mike Rowe has it right when explaining as well.
What's heavier, a ton of wet noodles of a ton of bricks? Personally, i think he will come down like a sack of feathers if anything happens.
I'm pretty sure the Twin Cities has the largest population. I've met quite a few living close to the area and most are pretty decent people, but you have a large percent that feel American's are infidels and don't want to accept the culture even though they are getting an enormous amount of opportunities afforded to them. This was coming from one of those Somalians i talked to there.
I'd be interested to hear her past husband's take on what her real stance is. Especially the one who cashed in a 401k to help pay her way through Harvard.
THat's a pretty good number for the amount of problems it's faced. I'm curious to know how many are being filed 2, 3 ,4 + times going by the other stories i've read on here. Will be interesting to see the numbers in November. I don't think you can really trust any numbers coming out of Washington though... from any side. Every person i've talked to so far has said their rates were ridiculous and they are going to just pay the fine.
Don't we have bigger fish to fry? Why do we care about PC idiots out there when we have .... you know... actual things to worry about? Next will be the Chiefs, then my old high school mascot the buccaneer... because it could hurt the feelings of modern day Somalian pirates.
Looks like i'm screwed (Minus the religious portion). I have all of Milton Friedman's books as well!
Hey! According to a national security assessment Veteran's like myself are the number one threat to national security. Those old WWII Vets may have been hiding their old springfields on their wheelchairs and walkers somehow!
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