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Wayne LaPierre to UN: Americans Will Never Surrender the Second Amendment

dmusgrove Wrote: Jul 12, 2012 10:51 AM
I don't think the feds could trust our military to turn on us. While you are correct that there is always an element that would, the element that would not could not be trusted to not turn on them. I like your comment on American ingenuity. As a VN vet myself, I know what the Vietnamese accomplished with what little they had, can you imagine what we could do with what we have access to?

Today NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre addressed the United Nations as the debate about the Arms Trade Treaty, or the "Small Arms Treaty," continues in New York City. The treaty is written to make it seem as though only arms transferred by governments will be affected but the details of the language seem to show the treaty applies to civilian firearms. The treaty has been classified as an international effort to attack the Second Amendment in the United States Constitution.

"I am here to announce the NRA's strong opposition to anti-freedom policies that disregard American citizens' right...