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Hmmm. Maybe if she was a mouthpiece she wouldn't need birth control. Just how credible is a 30 year old female who attends Georgetown Law (knowing the stance there on birth control), a women's rights activist, whines when her sexual activities are questioned, and then has the unmitigated gall to claim obama stands behind ALL women, ignoring Palin, Palin's underage daughter, Bachmann, and numerous other REPUBLICAN women. Then she infers that Romney turned his back on her (come to think of it, maybe I should have had Romney address the issue of stray dogs pooping in my yard). But the Won had her back! Like she was important and Won didn't see an opportunity to try to smear Limbaugh. But she thanks God (wait he wasn't on the platform)
This is an obvious attempt to get hookers to vote democrat!!! (sarc)
Tingles should go a little further into the south or maybe west and go into a cafe and refer to them as dou*+*- bags, he wouldn't be as well treated as he was by our more refined friends in Florida.
O'Reilly doesn't have the integrity to apologize to Rep Chaffetz. The next nite he totally ignored his tirade like it didn't happen. He compares his reporting of exposure to combat (if any) in South America to experience as a soldier (sort of like stolen valor). In short, his bb gun a$s overloads his cannonball mouth.
Anyone with any sense should have seen this one coming. Part of the problem is the feds not allowing use of private wells to irrigate (while basements are flooding with high water tables in some of those "drought" areas. Here is another "no brainer" from another blogger - at the same time the Keystone Pipeline is built, build an additional pipeline for water that currently flows into the Pacific ocean from Canadian rivers - guess that doesn't make sense since it would provide even more jobs both short term and long term, and we certainly don't want to drop our unemployment rate. With the massive flooding the Mississippi and other rivers in central USA (you know, all that flooding in New Orleans?) why not syphon it elsewhere?
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Pelosi doesn't care

dmusgrove Wrote: Jul 15, 2012 11:27 AM
"Nancy Pelosi doesn't care" would indicate she is aware of something. Since she is a permanent citizen of la la land, whether by mental deterioration, drug or alcohol induced dementia, what she says can only be viewed as irrevelant or pathetic, but she is good for comic relief.
I don't think the feds could trust our military to turn on us. While you are correct that there is always an element that would, the element that would not could not be trusted to not turn on them. I like your comment on American ingenuity. As a VN vet myself, I know what the Vietnamese accomplished with what little they had, can you imagine what we could do with what we have access to?
You are exactly right!!
Being from Arizona, the only thing I might argue with you is - what makes you think we would waste time burying them?
You think my son will come to take my weapons? Drink more koolaid.
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Why Obama Will Lose in a Landslide

dmusgrove Wrote: Jul 06, 2012 10:36 AM
Get a grip loach. obama never served in the armed forces either (at least Romney was CIC of Mass. National Guard). Furthermore, obama wants to raise the costs of Tri-Care for military. He also is destructing the standing military, reduction in force, fueling the Navy ships with chicken fat fuel (a 622% increase in fuel costs). As for Romney's 5 sons, the armed forces is a VOLUNTEER military and there is no requirement for any of them to serve. Were there a draft, and they were drafted they would most likely go, as did many mormons drafted during Vietnam.
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