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When Government Can't Be Trusted

dmusgrove Wrote: Jun 11, 2013 9:04 AM
I think the better question is "When CAN the government be trusted?"
......and if you served your country, and regardless of decorations, whether or not you were wounded or suffered trauma, once you are discharged you are immediately considered by our government as a potential terrorist.
As you do with the Constitution.
No, it is just a way you can twist the Bible to fit your own needs.
Want to make a bet Hilliary will claim "temporary amnesia" related to the Benghazi murders because of her recent "concussion"?
Where are the McCarthy Hearings when you need them? I guess the House no longer has the Committee on Un- American Activities.
What's to see here? A bogus accusation, from a bogus senator, in support of a bogus president. And all is well with the democratic party, as all the above are supported by a bogus news media.
Anyway, she got to dress up and look pretty, and attend a democratic convention (wonder who paid her expenses?). Next question is, did they have a bowl of condoms at the entrance? Free birth control!!!
Don't you mean Fluke's career was made by Limbaugh's remark? She has now served her purpose and will soon be just another body under oblamo's bus.
Hmmm. Maybe if she was a mouthpiece she wouldn't need birth control. Just how credible is a 30 year old female who attends Georgetown Law (knowing the stance there on birth control), a women's rights activist, whines when her sexual activities are questioned, and then has the unmitigated gall to claim obama stands behind ALL women, ignoring Palin, Palin's underage daughter, Bachmann, and numerous other REPUBLICAN women. Then she infers that Romney turned his back on her (come to think of it, maybe I should have had Romney address the issue of stray dogs pooping in my yard). But the Won had her back! Like she was important and Won didn't see an opportunity to try to smear Limbaugh. But she thanks God (wait he wasn't on the platform)
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