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Beckel on 2x-Divorced Guilfoyle's Eating Victory: "That's What She's Done To The Men In Her Life"

dmusgrove Wrote: Jul 06, 2012 10:14 AM
One of the most fascinating aspects of watching "The Five" is Beckel. He comes across as someone who would be a hoot to go out on the town and party with. Beckel is also a pretty smart fellow and makes big buck$, which makes me wonder every time I hear him, is he playing a role? I find it hard to believe he really believes what he says in support of democrats, rather he knows what is outrageous and is simply playing devil's advocate. You don't stay on Fox as a mediocre figure, and the more inflammatory the comments, the more attention you draw. Look at the fire he starts in the other members of "The Five". Beckel is a showman and is damn good at it. Look what he does to Hannity on the Great American Panel!

Pretty harsh comment but Guilfoyle took it like a champ.

BTW: What would happen if shots like this were given from a conservative to a lib over at MsNBC?