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Thoughts on Secession

dmundy Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 7:34 AM
Very nice approach to the subject Bill. You didn't call anyone names. Now we know why you're no longer working for a Dallas newspaper -- you aren't willing to follow the program. Kudos. That said, I'll ask all those who say with no ill will intended -- that "Texas independence can't happen" one simple question: Why not? Texas has everything it needs for nationhood -- and as demonstrated amply by some of the commentary I've seen of late, the other states really don't want us to hang around. How about this solution: grant statehood to Puerto Rico, we'll leave, and y'all won't have to change the flag. We'll still be allies and trading partners.
Muh fellah Amurricans -- I reproduce the speech patterns our media correlate with conservative thought -- hit looks like we ain't getting out of this here Union, what with secession not legal, way them educated fellers tell it.

Not legal? Rather a bold statement, I would say. Last time anyone attempted formal withdrawal from the United States, something like 125 years ago, the armaments of the United States blocked the path to independence. The Union endured. But that settled only the practical, not the theoretical, side of the question.

Enough said anyway about the Late Unpleasantness of 1861-65. What...

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