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Actually, my ancestors came from Russia, the real mother Russia.
'I have plenty of evidence of Democrat doing just that'. You alleged, you prove it.
When Obama finishes his 2ND term -- History (and majority of the American people) will celebrate President Obama's sincerity, Powerful leadership, Courage, dedication to our country, and true concern for the American people. Those who do not recognize the greatness and moral strength of present Obama and those who hate his skin color are 'sorry excuses' -- they are the clueless, ignorant, aging neo-fascist racists who want their 'America' back.......the all white, all christo-fascist, pro-slavery America. Thank you for your powerful leadership, Mr. President. Obama 2012!!!!!!!!
This neo-fascist 'reporter' was nothing but a typical bagger, rude, obnoxious, racist, disrespectful and is NEVER right to be disrespectful to the POTUS, not toward Bush, Clinton, Reagan or ANY president. But that's how these neo-Nazi racists define themselves now......all of the above. These bigoted fascists are known by their words and obnoxious behavior. Obama 2012!!!!!!
A Republican Pres would have had him (the neo-nazi 'reporter') ARRESTED. Obama 2012!!!!!!
The President really schooled the neo-Nazi activist masquerading as a 'journalist'. We are proud of you Mr. President. And thank you for your powerful leadership regarding the immigrant children. Obama 2012!!!!!!!!!
And what rule did the president allegedly violate?
Please do NOT ask Governor Romney about a policy question, until he has had a time to poll-test it, focus group it, and consult with (the defacto GOP leader) Rush Limbaugh about it. And, please do NOT ask for ANY consistency in policy positions. Haven't we made that clear, already? Geez...... --- Romney Campaign Staff.
HA! HA! HA! That was a good satire, algae. But seriously, can any (paid and bought wh00re) GOP Politician have the courage to challenge the great leader of Russia, President Putin?? The answer is simply NO!
I think this great Obama announcement provides an excellent opportunity to remind people that Mitten's adviser on Immigration is white neo-nazi nationalist Kris SB1070 Kobach. Thank you Mr. President for your powerful leadership. Obama 2012!!!!!!!!!
One Nazi BOY agreeing with another Nazi BOY.......Just priceless.
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