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Do Obama hating RACISTS have a life? Not REALLY!!
Christianity is somehow a peaceful religion, according to Obama hating racists who call themselves xtians. Yep, the Spaniard Christians who murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews and Muslims and the christian Germany who slaughtered 6 million Jews are somehow 'christian warriors'.
The fact that the flip-flopping LIAR, Mitt the mormon, is the nominee of a major political party in this country is a disgrace. An absolute disgrace. America deserves better.
Actually -- Mike Malloy is the only legitimate, truth-seeker, America-firster talk-radio host. He tells the truth, the modern neo-Nazi racists....aka the teabaggers/GOP.... HATE truth.
Allen West, Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain. Three self hating black men, three proud Uncle Toms. And all three HATE the first African-American President. Of course -- the Obama hating RACISTS welcome these self-hating useful idiots.
What a game by Ronaldo today.. Mother Russia lost yesterday, but she will be........BACK! No matter what, Russia will always be the real MOTHER LAND!
Do the Obama hating RACISTS have a life?? Not really!!
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Playing Latinos for Pawns

Dmitri1981 Wrote: Jun 16, 2012 1:05 PM
President Obama's courageous decision to regarding the children of undocumented workers will a watershed moment in history. This president's accomplishments exceeds beyond everybody's expectations: - OBL is dead - GM is thriving - Ending the War-criminal Bush's illegall and immoral war of aggression in Iraq... - Marriage equality - Women's pay equality. - Affordable health-care act - Banning the deportation of the immigrant children. Thank you for your powerful leadership, Mr. President. Four More Years. Obama 2012!!!!!!!!! Thank you
Reagan gave millions of undocumented workers amnesty and a quick path to citizenship. Republicans want him on MT Rushmore. Th Hypocrisy of the right is immoral, despicable, anti-american and a pure terrorism against America and the American people. They are worse than al qaeda and the alleged Islamic terror. Obama 2012!!!!!
Actually, my ancestors came from Russia, the real mother Russia.
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