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Explaining Romney's Surge

dmarn Wrote: Oct 14, 2012 12:03 PM
Baby Huey still lives n Fantasy Land if he believes any of what he wrote!
The cell phone government policy was passed by The Ronald Wilson Reagan Regime and enacted through the FCC! According to you he was trying to get more Republican votes.
If CONservative Republican pollster Scott Rasmussen has it tied that means that President Obama is 10 points up!
Blame The Bush Regime for the housing collapse because of their deregulation of Wall Street!
Tee electorate knows that it was a Bush Republican Controlled Congress and Regime responsible for This 2nd Republican Great Depression and will re-elect President Obama easily over outsourcer-in-chief Willard MITTens Romney AND Lyin Ryan!
The Bush Regime in its last year alone lost 9 million American jobs!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ............ Chris102 ALSO believes in Santa Clause,The Tooth Fairy,and The Easter Bunny!
A Rep[ubliCON Congress passed the Trade Act FOR China!
Jay Wye's answer is to put Fuehrer Romney in charge! heh heh heh...
All Polls skew RepubliCON because they are bought and paid for by Corporate America.
Made up fiction by a right wing fascist!
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